If you are lucky enough to win in the online casino you are probably eager to get your winnings. A lot of people want to withdrawal their money after they hit a big win in particular. If one were playing at a brick and mortar casino it would be easy enough to do. You could just take your play slip or your game chips and cash them in at any one of the numerous cashiers all throughout the casino. However, if you are playing online the system is a little different.

Withdrawing How You Deposited

Some casinos require that you withdrawal your funds the same way that you deposited them in the first place. Given this, it is important to consider how to place your money in the casino in the first place. If you place a deposit in the casino with your credit card, you may be able to withdrawal those winnings onto the same card.

Other Withdrawal Methods

There are other withdrawal methods which may be relevant to the player. This is because they may want to get their money in the form of a check or wire. Also, some casinos do not offer the ability to credit a debit card directly. Therefore a check or wire may be a necessity.

Western Union and MoneyGram are other popular methods of receiving cash. These two companies provide a way to get around traditional banking institutions. This matters greatly because traditional banks are technically not permitted to honor transactions that they know are going to gambling websites. Therefore, some players wish to get around this issue by using a Western Union system.

Limitations On Withdrawals

There are certain limitations that most online casinos place on the withdrawals that their players make. Usually there is a minimum withdrawal amount that is required by the online casino. They want their players to withdrawal an amount that would make it worth their trouble to process the withdrawal in general. The limits are usually pretty low but it is worth being mindful of this.

On the flip side of the coin there are occasionally maximum withdrawal amounts that are enforced on certain withdrawal methods. A check should not go over a certain amount. This makes sense because it may raise red flags with a banking institution that is accepting the deposit. A few thousand dollars is usually the cutoff point on a check received from an online casino.

Think about the withdrawal methods available from each online casino you are considering. This is one of the most important factors when choosing a casino to play on. Before you ever make the deposit you should look at the withdrawals, stipulations, and limitations.