When it comes to jackpot casino slots all slots are definitely not created equal. Getting to know a machine is the first step in figuring out which one is right for you. All the information you need is posted on the front of the machine. Learning to decipher it is the trick. The tips below should make this a little easier.

First, what does it cost to play? There are slots that range from one cent to several dollars. If you have a specific target amount in mind that you want to play, you will want to find a machine that takes that denomination.

When it comes to slots, there are several types of machines to choose from. The array can be dizzying. Nonetheless, knowing a little bit about each of the types can help you to choose the one or ones that work best for you. Knowing the lingo of a slot machine is where it starts.

The multiplier pays out on a certain symbol and is multiplied by the number of coins played. As an example, say you play the game and come up with three pears. The machine might pay out the equivalent of three credits (or coins) for a single coin played, six credits for two coins, nine credits for three coins and so on.

A bonus multiplier slot machine will operate in the same manner as the multiplier with the ‘bonus’ exception. This machine offers an added bonus for playing the maximum coins possible. For example, let’s say the above pears pay out three credits for one coin, six for two with the top being 10 coins for 30 credits. On a bonus machine those 10 coins might pay out 90 credits instead. It is up to the player to decide whether it is worth investing the extra coins.

Machines with a multiple pay line simply have more than one line of play. A machine might have three lines or go all the way up to nine lines. Each line is activated by a coin and if a player has not inserted the top number of coins not all lines will be activated. If the winning line falls on a line that is not activated the player doesn’t win.

Progressive slot machines reserve a percentage of the total money played and pool it for a bigger jackpot. These jackpots can be huge and the payoff from them can be enormous. However, the payoff from the machine being played may consequently be less to accommodate the percentage being put toward the mega pot. When playing a progressive machine it is wisest to play the maximum coins to afford to biggest payout if the jackpot is hit.

A commonly misunderstood machine is the buy-a-pay. For each coin a different pay line is activated. The max number of coins is needed in order to get the biggest jackpot. If the player hits the jackpot with a single coin in they system they won’t win anything so this machine is best played with maximum coinage.

Before sitting down and throwing some coins in the machine it is wise to take a minute and read the information posted on the front of the machine. Keeping in mind the key facts noted above this will help you make an informed decision on which slot machine is the best fit for you.