If there is one thing that the Internet has taught everyone, it’s that there’s a tremendous amount of flexibility in what can be offered. Within the online gambling industry, that matters because gaming software developers are able to design and offer a greater variety of online casino games. Nowhere is that more evident than when looking at the variety of video poker machines one will find when they sign up for a new account with most any gambling website.

The Need for Video Poker Variety

Because of the speed of the game, online video game developers have come to realize that people who play video poker online tend to need a greater variety of poker options to keep them interested in playing. For this reason, among others, there are more than a dozen different poker variations available. This far exceeds the number of online table poker games because of logistics.

Online Video Poker Variations

Playing online video poker is kind of like playing poker at home where the family can select and create games that involve the use of different wild cards and rules. Here is a rundown on a few of the most popular games being offered.

Jacks or Better - This is the most basic of all the online video poker options. The game is played just like a standard 5-Card Draw poker game with a pay table that starts with Jacks or Better.

Aces and Eights - The base game is played under the normal rules of 5-Card Draw Poker. However, the pay table indicates an extra cash bonus for drawing “quad” Aces, Sevens or Eights. This requires the player to put more emphasis on holding the bonus cards in hopes of landing said bonus. The pay table starts with Jacks or Better.

Deuces and Joker Wild - This game is a favorite among players that enjoy games with plenty of wild cards (Deuces and added Jokers) and an aggressive pay table. The pay table starts with Three of a Kind because of the presence of wild cards.

Double Down Poker - This game is ideally suited for video poker players who are gamblers at heart. Using the same rules as those found in a standard 5-Card Jacks or Better game, the player is given the option of playing a double or nothing gambling game after each winning hand. The double up option is available time after time until the player loses or decides to take the payout.

Looses Deuces - This is your basic wild card game where only the Deuces are wild. Instead of the pay table starting at Jacks or Better, it starts at Three of a Kind to reflect the increased power of each hand because of the wild cards. Additionally, all other payouts are lower for the same reason.

These games reflect a nice cross section of the online video games usually found in an online casino’s games portfolio. Built on top of these basic game structures, there are a number of other games that include more wild cards and varied pay tables that either increase or decrease the amount being offered for any particular winning hand. All of this flexibility allows players to have the opportunity to select video poker games that best suits their needs and desires.