Roulette, can be a very easy game to play both online or at a casino, as long as you go in with a strategy to the game. Here are a few things to think about if you want to play roulette and have a better chance at winning, remember roulette is always in the houses favor due to the 00 and 0 being on the board, however there are ways to give yourself a better odd.

First, when playing roulette one of the first moves you want to do is identify the hot numbers on the play-board, this will let you see the pattern that is taking shape, roulette is very good for following patterns for periods of times, such as multiple reds followed by multiple black numbers. This helps if you want to play black or red on the outside and double your earnings.

Second, this strategy is also good, look at the play-board and see if the zero or double zero has hit recently if not, you want to start covering those numbers, the best way to cover those is to split the zero and double zero with one chip, this is the cheapest way to cover both of those and if it hits you still get a good return.

Third, way to earn more and loose less is to take a look at the hot numbers again and identify the pattern that they are in, then on the outside of the numbers you would want to place a chip to break those three numbers say for example 34 is a hot number you would place a chip on the outside of 34, this would allow you to cover 34/35/36 all at the same time and still get a nice return if it hits one of those numbers, you can do this with any set of three numbers that you see as being hot.

A fourth approach that you could take is to take 4 numbers at one time, to do this you would place a chip in the middle of four numbers, this allows you to still get a nice return and also cover more numbers with less chips.

The above four methods give you a better chance at winning and also can decrease your chances of loosing so much money at one time as well.

This last strategy you can use if you feel that you have the numbers down and are comfortable with calling a number strait up, you can place a chip right on the number, say for example you like 20 or 16, take a chip and place it right in the center of that number, this way has the highest losing potential, if your not good with number calling, however if your good with number calling this way you can make a really good return in a short period of time.

All of these above methods are strategies on how to win on the big casino wheel, so the next time your in the casino give these ways a try and see what kind of results you get.