Fucanglong, the brand new slot machine game from RTG will put your bravery to the test, and give the player an opportunity to win a Dragon’s Hoard of gold.


Named for a mythical Chinese dragon, Fucanglong is a game that focuses on the title character, a greedy dragon that lives deep underground and protects its gold from brave adventures.

While we have seen dozens of games based on dragons China, Chinese history, and Chinese culture, Fucanglong offers stunning visuals, exciting new gameplay, and opportunities for big payouts.

Unlike many Chinese and Asian themed slot machines, the game doesn’t just focus on sticking in symbolism, the game focuses on a character, the treasure hunter. The game follows his quest to seek out as much treasure as possible. There is also a wily merchant character, adding into the real human feeling of this game.

It is a unique twist on more traditional games based on Chinese mythology and history. Even for a style and theme that we may have seen before, Fucanglong offers something new and exciting, whole keeping to familiar tones.

Style and graphics:

Needless to say the game is absolutely visually impressive. Every element of the game from the reels and backdrops are adorned in gold and red traditional colors of wealth in China. Every action is carefully animated and a beauty to watch. Even the relatively strip down mobile version of the game there’s still plenty going on, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

What’s more impressive is the optimization that has come from this recent RTG title. The game simply looks better and runs smoother then games that came out less than six months early on the same platform. In addition RTG seems to have bridged the gap in visual performance that their competitors have brought to the market.

The graphics complement the style wonderfully. scenes are lively and well animated, making this one of RTG’s best slot machine entries today.


Fucanglong is a five reel slot game with 4 payout symbols per reel. With 20 symbols and total there are 1024 possible pay lines and ways to win in the game.

Payouts for matching symbols left to right in any direction. If the maximum number of lines are played, each and every combination from left to right is a winner. As long as a symbol that you have in the first real appears in the second reel, it will connect. From there, if the same symbol is in the third real in any position it will also connect. This model applies all the way across all five reels.

This makes it very easy to follow whether or not or when is coming making the game all the more exciting. The player is surprised less by we’re play lines and disappointed less by circumstances that look like wins but don’t pay out.

Because there are so many ways to win volatility is a bit on the high side. The game does not give as many small wins (wins that are less than the amount of the spin), but this fits well with the treasure hunting theme of the game. Great riches always come with risk when you’re stealing from a dragon.

Bonus features and Jackpots

Big wins and lucky streets will come from the wild symbols which I’m happy to say are abundant in this game. With the ability to connect any symbol in any position on any line Wilds are all the more useful.

These Wild Spaces can also expand, filling up the entire reel. Once again this can connect every real to every other real and make for some big wins.

There are two scattered features within the game. In the Dragon Mountain scatter free spins are granted, and any retrigger will increase the payout multiplier up to a maximum of eight.

The Pearl scatter is a bit more exciting. In this mode at Hidden Pearl will have a mystery value from 3 times to 88 times the original bet value

Final word:

Fucanglong, is a visually impressive game with a very lively theme. RTG has really outdone themselves by providing an excellent experience On PC as well as on mobile. The novel features with a familiar theme make this an excellent game for new and old players alike, I highly recommend it.

Final rating: 9 out of 10