Who Spun it Slot Game by Betsoft

General Overview
Within a short period of time, gaming software developer Betsoft has established a reputation for innovation and creativity. After playing the slot game titled WhoSpunit, it’s fair to say that reputation had been earned. WhoSpunit is a clever take-off on the popular murder-mystery board game “Clue.” In line with absolutely exquisite graphics and audio soundtrack, the caricatures drawn by Betsoft’s artists are always fun and interesting looking. They move about freely within thegame, creating a sense the player is watching a movie instead of playing slots. WhoSpunit takes place in Mr. Wellington’s mansion where he has been murdered. The player’s job is to spin reels, collect clues and identify the murderer for a big bonus.

Game Description
This games features a standard gaming format with five reels and 30 different pay lines. Players can place wagers ranging from $.02 per pay line all the way up to $1.00 per pay line. The standard symbols are represented by the game’s main characters (Earlthon Geoffries Chatam, Dr. Van Austen, Miss Ellie, Miss Eliza Jane Rothsby and Charles Convington), Mr. Wellington’s dead body and an assortment of other symbols relevant to the story. The base game has no wild symbol nor any scatter symbols, which is quite unique for a 3D video slot game.

Features and Bonuses
WhoSpunit comes with three bonus feature and each one of them provides a unique and exciting game playing experience.

Free Spins Mode - When each of the five main characters appear on a separate reels simultaneously, the player enters the free spins mode with 10 free spins in hand. They proceed to choose one extra bonus feature represented by each of the five main characters. The available choices include 10 more free spins, random wilds (1-3 per spin), reels paying in both directions, a 6X multiplier or one reel per spin with locked wilds.

Double Up - After each winning spin in the main game, the player has an opportunity to gamble on a double or nothing feature. They are required to choose heads or tails and can continue doing so until they lose or collect their winnings.

Detective Mode - The main objective of the game is to collect clues in order to solve the murder. With a five minute clock continuously running, the player spins the reels. While collecting winnings along the way, they can also earn “Clue” coins. At the end of five minutes, the player is transferred to the clue room. The clue room has three levels: location, weapon, culprit. Starting at level 1, they redeem their clue coins for clue spins. Each time they spin and hit three or more clue symbols on a pay line, they are award a gold star for that clue. The first clue at each level to get five gold stars solves that part of the mystery. The entire process is continued until all three levels have been completed and the murderer has been identified. After an interrogation of the culprit, the player wins a bonus and starts a new case.

Experience slot players enjoy variety and WhoSpunit is unique in every way. As long as the player has enough money and patience to survive each sequence, they are sure to have a blast and might win some big dollars along the way.