Viking Age Slot Game by Betsoft

This game has really cool animation with lots of great action. The Viking’s costumes and weapons make the plot of the game believable. There is a video at the beginning to let you know the plot. This is not a funny game but it is entertaining. The music sounds like an army marching and chanting. The 3D and graphics are excellent. The animation is a good match for the setting. All three characters have motions that are realistic. The reel is three layers with five icons rows across and set in a stone backdrop in the forest or woods. The female character is on the right side. From time to time, you can hear her egging you on between spins. She says things like “come on any day now”, or “go on master would you please hurry up”, and she also yawns. The voices for the characters fit with the way they look.

There are several bonus features. I got all of them pretty quickly, and the payouts started to add up. During the arm wrestling bonus round, you can hear the two men grunt and raze each other after one of them wins. I got to play this a few times. I won once, but lost the other two times. But, even though I lost I still got credits. I had one win from this bonus round of 2250 credits. The payouts are consistent, which makes you keep playing to see how big you can push your purse.

The icons pay a generous amount. The blonde Viking man pays the most with 1500 credits. The red headed Viking man pays 1250 credits. The Viking ship pays 1000. The rest of the icons in the game pay a range of 750 to 250 credits. The symbols include an axe, jewels, dragon carving, carved stone, and a shield. There is a female character and the pay table said her name was Amma. When you get three of her, you pick a multiplier in the rune stone for free spins. This makes the free spins payout bigger, or you may just get bonus credits without the free spins. There is also a Viking mask that is the scatter for the game. When you get three of those, you get to pick a symbol on the side of the rune stone. This offers free spins or bonus credits. You pick one to see what you win.

The arm wrestling with the two male characters is engaging as you watch to see who will win. This is part of the bonus round. At the beginning of the bonus round, you pick the character you want to win. Then you choose either a heads or tails coin several times. You get to pick heads or tails until there is a winner. Each time you pick it the arms move. Tails is the coin for the character on the right, while heads is for the character on the left.

I would recommend this game for friends that play tons of video games love the Viking theme. I will also play this again, because there are a lot of bonuses and big payouts. I play for the big payouts and ‘Viking Age’ has tons of them.