Under the Sea Slot Game by Betsoft

Under the Sea slots from BetSoft gaming is a thrilling underwater adventure where gamers can spin for riches and amazing treasures. Spinning the reels yields beautiful fish, lovely mermaids, sunken treasures and even oysters stuffed with precious pearls. More importantly, a spin on this game gives a deep sea lover the opportunity to connect with their passion. The ability to find a special treasure hidden in the vast sea isn’t just limited to those able to afford a vacation and a boat rental. Anyone can suit up and dive deep into Under the Sea slots and take a shot at uncovering the mythical mysteries of the deep sea.

The colorful variety of fish and accompanying bubbling sound of the sea provide for a terrific feel for deep sea fishing. Even deep sea divers will be lured in by the thought of possibly unveiling a mysterious treasure lost for centuries. Who could resist finding that one elusive pearl that pays huge dividends? Players will notice the colorful reels highlighted by tropical fish sporting hilarious grins. The music plays as the spins continue hooking a player into casting their reel over and over again. All this time has past but a wonderful treasure still somehow remains lost in the vast sea. It’s up to the spinner to lure it in!

Under the Sea Slots isn’t short on bonus rounds or wild symbols where players get to reveal even greater and more fantastic treasures. As the payoff table reveals, the pearl is wild for all symbols except for scatter and the bonus round trigger chest. More pearls in one spin offers the spinner an opportunity to reap some of the largest rewards the sea has to offer.

Players will also try to acquire as many ships as possible. Two ships provide 60 points but more than two prompts valuable bonus spins. Three boats will provide 8 free spins while four boats sends the player into a 12 spin bonus round. If the gamer hits 5 boats, they’ll get to enjoy a bonus of 15 free spins. Imagine the treasures and riches found with 15 bonus spins!

Another bonus round is triggered by three treasure chests. Everyone enjoys digging for treasure or the thought of opening a valuable treasure chest. This bonus round allows the player to find even more fantastic treasure under the sea and earn extra credits.

Players of Under the Sea Slots start off with $1,000 in coins but can leverage their money by playing a variety of coin amounts per spin. This allows the competitors of Under the Sea Slots to play slowly or speed up the game and sink a dollar per spin into the ocean. The higher bet often results in a higher payoff. The player can bet up to 30 lines and 5 credits per line for a $150 maximum bet. The more lines bet gives the spinner the ability to win in more directions.

Under the Sea Slots is a gorgeous underwater sea voyage that slot players of all ages will enjoy. The rich colors and wonderful music only add to the allure and fascination of deep sea diving for treasures and riches.