Under the bed Slot Game by Betsoft

Under the Bed is a slots game that appears aimed at a younger crowd. The illustrations are fairly good and the monsters are about as imaginative as you could hope for. The two main characters in the game are called Jessie and Jane.

The splash screen informs you that you can win up to 105,000 credits. There’s also a “spooky second screen” bonus and “monster world” free spins. Jessie and Jane are fairly active three-dimensional characters off in the bottom right corner. They periodically fight a tentacle monster when you aren’t doing anything else. Jane also audibly screams on occasion, and Jessie throws various objects at the monster.

Monsters will also appear here and there throughout while you’re idle. This includes a monster with a long bill and a monster with an octopus mouth. The characters Jane and Jessie will generally fail to notice when the monsters appear behind them.

The main screen is typical for this type of slot game with three rows that each have 5 squares. The goal is to match up the images in a line. The controls are also standard, and they include choosing the number of coins to play, picking paylines and picking bets per line. The area under the main gameplay area also has a section showing you “total bet.” This makes it easier to tell exactly how much you’ll be betting at one time. You can get up to 5 credits for each line, and there are a total of 30 lines available.

Clicking the “Spin” button gives you a simple play with whatever bet you already have lined up. You can also click “Double Up” at certain points throughout the game once you have enough to bet. This will risk what you have to win twice as much. You can pick either “even” or “odd” in this game. Then, a monster will roll the dice. If the total result matches what you picked, then you win the full amount.

You do have a limited number of dice for each spin. But if you win, you can keep doubling and keep going until you lose, or until you run out of the initial 15 dice. You can also just click “collect” in the upper right at any time if you want to keep your winnings where they are. It is a risk after each time, after all.

The game is fun to play and it has a lot of animations. This includes especially during the extra dice game where the monster picks up three dice and puts them in a cup to roll and then spit out the result. There’s also little animations every time you get a win. This includes when three windows line up, for example. You’ll hear wind blowing and you’ll see the window cover shake.

Another aspect of the game is that if you get a monster that has a gold border at any time, it will be replaced with the wild symbol and a number. The wild card will stay in place for that many spins.