True Illusions Slot Game by Betsoft

Love it! I kept saying nice throughout the whole time I played this game. If you like lots of bonuses and big payouts, then this is the game for you. Actually, it is more like huge payouts. This game has more payouts than I have seen in quite some time from a slots machine. The 3D is so amazing with the illusionist doing tricks throughout the game. The animation and graphics are excellent. The illusionist is constantly doing magic tricks on the side and asking the audience if they want to see one. After a winning spin, the animation shows him pulling a rabbit out of a hat, covering a coin with a handkerchief, or opening the treasure chest to reveal his assistant inside. He also throws money in the air during big payouts. In this game that happens a lot, which means it was literally raining money.

He is standing on the left of the screen for most of the game except for times when the free bonus spins come up. This happens with three icons of the illusionist. He is the scatter for this game. The illusionist jumps from one side of the reel to the other in a puff of smoke for the bonus spins. He does more animation when three wild icons land on the center reel. His assistant comes out and gets into a box made by the three wilds. The box closes and the illusionist sticks six swords into it. Two swords are on both sides and two in the middle. The crowd gasps and so did I as he opens the box to reveal his assistant has disappeared. The box with three wild icons is returned to the center reel. This is followed by several free rounds of bonus spins. This causes the payout to explode.

An explosion of bonuses and payouts is the only way to describe ‘True Illusionist’. There is a bonus round when you get three card icons. The curtain drops and opens to a room where the illusionist is sitting at a table with five cards. You have to pick one. You win the number of credits for the card picked. After this, you are whisked back to the game. Compared to other games, all of the icons for the ‘True Illusionist’ are big payouts. Five of the assistant pays 2500 credits, four of the treasure chest pays 1500 credits, five of the magic mirror pays 1000 credits. The rest of the icons in this game have a range of payouts from 625 to 125 credits for five matches.

This game is a winner. It has amazing graphics with 3D, animation and the music with the sounds of the crowd. I used the auto play, which was a good choice. The game let me set the bet on up to five pay lines, and pick the number of spins. I sat back and watched many big wins spin out. They were all over 1100 credits and as much as 2500 credits. I did this for a while until I had to take a break. But, I returned and played for another hour to see if the payouts would stop. They did not instead, they kept coming. I would recommend this game to anyone. I will be a regular ‘True Illusionist’ player.