Treasure Room Slot Game by Betsoft

‘Treasure Room’ is a simple game with some big bonus opportunities. The reel is set in a cave with flaming lanterns. The floor is littered with different colored jewels and gold coins. This theme fits with the name of the game. The reels of the game are three layers with five icons across the screen. The set-up of the reel makes the icons really easy to see. It may be the gold background that makes the icons stands out. The animation is minimal with a gold or silver sparkling effect behind a winning icon on the pay lines. The only real 3D is when the icons win. For example, the coins drop on top of each other. The wild compass icon flips open and displays the word wild in blue letters. There is no music only the sound coming from a chime and bell. From time to time, you can hear cymbals or a horn blow. This depends on the amount of the payout. There are also no characters for this game. There are 20 pay lines to bet on.

You need at least three of the icons to get a payout. The treasure chest pays the most of 5000 credits with five icons. The set of jewels pay 2500 credits with five of them. The stack of coins icon pays 2000 credits once five land on the reels. The centurion helmet icon pays 1500 credits. The ruby ring pays 1000 credits. The perfume bottle pays 500 credits, the map pays 250 credits and the hour glass pays 125 credits for five icons. There is a progressive jackpot for this game. If you land five treasure chests, then you can try for the progressive jackpot. But, you have to use a max bet win for that opportunity to trigger. The jackpot amount was a little over $1200 during my play time.

The wild icon is a gold plated compass. It substitutes for all the icons but the treasure chest. The pay lines work both ways. The game has a scatter icon with a shield that stands for the treasure room. Once you win three of them, you go to a bonus round in the treasure room and click each door to see how many credits you have won. I got the treasure room scatter icon a lot in two hours of play, but the payout amounts were the same. For example, the credits were either 749 credits, 600 credits, or 350 credits with each random win. You can win an instant 5000 credit bonus when the sword and shield lands on a reel. I did not get that bonus while I was playing.

I used the auto play after an hour to see if the payouts would increase. But, it did not change anything. I used the max bet feature the last hour, and the wins and payouts were a lot better. This is a slow game, and you can easily get bored. There needs to be more animation or even some characters to spruce it up. Even music would make a big difference. I play a lot of slots games for entertainment. This game is not too entertaining. I probably will not be back again.