Three wishes slot game by Betsoft

Three Wishes is a standard Bet Soft slots cubed game with a genie theme. There’s a little video when you first visit the website which gives you an introduction to the game. There’s a lot of music and sound effects in this game. This includes standard Arabian sounding music, but it also includes individual sound effects based on what happens.

For example, when you get combinations that include a particular image, you will sometimes get effects based on that image. So, if it involved a monkey you will hear monkey sounds. If you get another image you’ll get sounds based on that image.

You can click on “select lines” which is a button shaped like a golden tower if you want to choose what you bet per line. The max bet per line is 10 credits. You can also just click “Max bet” to get the spin going based on your highest available bet.

The regular “Spin” button looks like a fancy pillow from Arabia that has an engraving on it that spells out the “Spin” letters. This game is a bit easier to follow because it tells you exactly what you’re betting each time. You can bet all thirty lines at once, for example, and bet up to 10 credits on each line.

If you keep click on “Select lines” it will also let you select multiple lines without selecting them all at once. A golden line will go across the different boxes on the screen to show you exactly which combinations you’re betting on.

If you want to know exactly what the payout is for each line, you can click on the button in the top right to see the line payouts. In this game, the carpet icon counts as the wild one. You an also get a 3 Wishes bonus round by getting three or more lamps on a pay line that you currently have active. If this happens, you’re instantly taken to the bonus game.

In this bonus game, you click on the lamp to unlock the genie. Once the genie comes out in a cloud of purpose smoke, you have to choose between six different rewards. These rewards include wealth, everlasting love, wisdom, travel and long life. The game also has something of a bonus game in the form of the monkey icon. If this icon shows up in reel 3 in position 2, then you can click on one of the icons around the monkey. The monkey then jumps up and reveals a reward under the icon. You can actually keep clicking until you get at least one active reward.

You also get free spins if you get three treasure chests in a row. This gives you 5 spins. If you get 4 in a row, this gives you 10 free spins. And if you get 5 chests in a row, this gives you 20 free spins.

The game is definitely addicting to play and to click over and over again.