The SlotFather Slot Game by Betsoft

The SlotFather is a slot game parody of the famous gangster film, “The Godfather. The game consists of three rows with 5 images in each row. The goal is to match the images up three in a row.

There’s a movie when you first start up the game that includes a voiceover where the main character talks about how people keep asking him how he “keeps people coming back for slots time and time again.” The main character also says lines like “I offer them a jackpot they can’t refuse.”

The highest regular payout is for getting 5 gun toting gangsters. This pays out 500 credits. You can get the jackpot by getting 5 of the main character on any active payline. There’s also the “Sneaky instant win” feature. You get this if you get the gangster with a sneaky smile on his face next to a suitcase full of cash. The gangster grabs some cash from the suitcase, and you get instant credits as a result.

Free spins in the game work by getting the gun-toting gangster next to the tommy gun symbol. You actually get to watch an animation of the gangster reaching out and grabbing the tommy gun next to him if this result shows up. The gangster then shoots the tommy gun and bullet holes open up everywhere. You can then click on one of the bullet holes in order to get free spins. Each spin will also have a multiplier attached to it. In addition, you get 30 credits automatically whenever this happens.

The scatter feature happens when a fat gangster shows up three times. You’ll then see the word “scatter” appear everywhere on all of the symbols. They give you scatter pay, which means that you get pay equal to the scatter count, combined with how many lines you’re playing.

The last special feature has to do with the main character. If you get three of his symbol in a row, then you get to go to the bonus round. A new screen comes up and you get to choose where to put the slot games in a cityscape. Each location you choose will add bonus credits to your total. You also get to see an animation where the boss hands you a suitcase with cash coming out of it.

The music for the game is reminiscent of the music from “The Godfather.” It plays constantly. The “spin” symbol is combined with a tommy gun in the bottom right corner. The various bet buttons are written into the bands on old style hats. You can also see the current jackpot amount in the top left corner.

Every time you spin and receive three of one symbol in a row for a win, you get a little animation of that symbol. So when you get three of the car, for example, you’ll see it drive down the street with men shooting out of the windows. If you get three of the wine glass, you’ll see a bottle pour wine into it. You’ll also hear a voice say “good going!”

The game is fun to play and straightforward with little lag.