The Exterminator Slot Game by Betsoft

The Exterminator is perhaps one of Betsoft’s funniest 3D slot games yet. This game involves Alvin Goodman, a simple and rather portly fellow, who has the job of exterminating vermin at a log cabin. Sounds simple enough, but there’s one dastardly raccoon who seems to trip him up at every turn. The animations here are hilarious, but what’s even more impressive are the bonus games and multiple ways of winning.

Like most of Betsoft’s other games, The Exterminator is a five-reel slot game with 30 different symbols per round. You win by linking symbols between the reels, which can lead to massive winnings if you get a good round. Not only that, but there are many bonus features that can help you win thousands of points in a matter of seconds.

You might be able to win real money with this game if you live in an area that allows online gambling. The minimum betting here is very low at just $0.01 per reel, or $0.05 per roll. There are eight winning symbols, and you just need three per round to win.

Bonus Features
The main bonus feature here is the “Sticky Win.” This occurs with every symbol except the wild symbol. Whenever you get a winning symbol, those areas will become locked and the reels will spin again. This will keep happening as long as you get one or more of the same winning symbol. You have the potential to cover the entire board, which will result in a massive return. If you get symbols that activate a bonus round, then this feature allows you to get more free turns or bigger winnings.

There are also two bonus games. The first is activated whenever you get the footprint symbol. This allows you to get free rolls as you watch the raccoon and the exterminator chase each other back and forth. The other bonus game is activated when you find the house blueprint. The exterminator will run to the other side of the house and you can choose from three locations to find the raccoon, which can result in winning up to 3,000 points along with a funny animation.

Wild Symbol
There is also a wild symbol that can improve your odds of winning. You can only get the wild symbol if you don’t have a Sticky Win. The symbol is Alvin’s truck. When you get this, the entire reel will become a winning spot, which is great if you get a rare symbol on the next spin.

Fans of classic cartoons and funny slot games will love this game because the hilarity never stops. You will constantly see the raccoon taunting Alvin by throwing rocks or sticking out his tongue. Alvin’s model and movements are always wonderful to watch, and you’ll find yourself rooting for both sides as they chase each other around.

The Exterminator is an entertaining 3D slots game that is funny and full of bonus features. The low betting threshold will appeal to those who want to win points or money without risking too much, and the animations and extras will keep bringing you back for more.