The Curious Machine Slot Game by Betsoft

The Curious Machine has fantastic graphics for a slot machine game. Everything looks three dimensional and the colors are sharp. Here’s a bit more about the game as well.

Game Layout

The game is setup to look like you’re piloting a steam powered machine from the inside. You even have the occasional steam animation coming out of different machine pieces. There’s a pilot wearing steampunk style glasses and a robot sitting on the “Spin Double Up” button. They are both animate and express their displeasure when you take too long to do anything or react to anything you do actually do in the game.


You have your “Balance” stat at the bottom of the actual gameplay square. This is next to the “Credits” stat. There’s also a “Bet” stat as well. The “Choose Coin” part on the left shows you how much you’re going to spend with each spin. You can also “Select Lines” and “Bet Per Line” in the actual game as well.

Then all you have to do is hit the “Spin” button to spin the contraction. There are a number of different pictures in the grid that comes up. These include pictures like a picture of a pilot, a picture of a watch contraption, a picture of a flying city and others. If the pictures all match up, you win.

The game is fun to play and it certainly gives you enough to look at while you’re playing it. The game fits right into this story about Miles Bellhouse who’s the inventor of the “Curious of Machines.” There’s a whole video about it, and there seems to be a whole host of backstory to go with the slot machine that you actually play.

This is why some of the squares that come up when you spin the slot machine are related to various different time periods. There’s a short loading screen before the game comes up since it’s rather graphically intense. This doesn’t take too long, but there’s enough going on in the screen at once that you probably won’t want to run the game on the side, especially if you have an older computer.

This is the type of game that could use your computer’s full attention. You can choose to turn the sound on or off by hitting the “Sound On” button in the top left corner of the gameplay screen. You might want to turn the sound off after a while because it can get rather repetitive. The music is on a loop and it only goes so far before it comes back around again.

You can also click on “View Days” to see how the payouts work per image. For example, if you get five images of the dashing pilot, then the payout is equal to the number listed there. You also get a payout for three of the same image as well as from four.

The Vortex symbol will come up occasionally and this counts as a wildcard. It will also respin the wheel.