Sushi Bar Slot Game by Betsoft

Sushi Bar is a slot game with a food theme. The main character in it is named “Chef Haru.” It has the standard 5 reels and 25 lines for a gameboard. Each of the squares is a different type of nigiri or sashimi.

Chef Haru is wearing a headband with the rising sun of Japan symbol on it. He’s one of the first things you see when the splash screen comes up. The screen also informs you that you can win as much as 450,000 credits. The wild card is a bottle with a palm tree on it. The free spins are the fans.

You will also hear eastern style music upon entering the game as well. Periodically, the chef will swing his knives around and say “chop chop,” or do various other cooking activities. Oddly enough, he also periodically just says, “sushi.”

The “select lines” and “bet per line” buttons are on pillows. The “Spin” button is on the back of a chair in front of the sushi bar. The button for “Max Bet Spin” is underneath the bar in the bottom right.

You can bet 5 credits per line. After you’ve made your bet per line and selected your lines, clicking “spin” will start the game. You’ll hear celebratory chimes every time you win. The sushi chef character also becomes excited and cheers.

The highest combination in the game is getting 5 teapots. This will net you 5000 credits. If you get more than 2 fans in a row, you get free spins. Getting only 2 fans will still net you 250 credits though.

The soy sauce bottle, beyond being the wild symbol, will also double your point totals if you get a combination that involves it. You can turn the sound off in the upper left corner if the music becomes too much for you. The background is fairly elaborate. It really does look like the inside of a sushi bar. You can see trays and salt shakers, for example. In the upper right, next to the game screen, you can also see lanterns. There are shelves full of various cooking condiments and implements. Everything is detailed.

The game itself is engaging to play, partly because of all of the extra animations whenever you win. The sushi dishes portrayed appear to be authentic. All of the adornments on the various icons, such as the fan, are pretty detailed as well.

It’s easy to get caught up in playing over and over again since the game plays so smoothly. The labels are clear as well. You can tell exactly how many credits you have, what your balance is, how much you’re betting each time and how much you won on each spin. You can also easily tell what your bets are for each line up on the board. There are a variety of sushi dishes to keep you interested too, such as those that are in the form of numbers or letters.