Sugar Pop Slot Game by Betsoft

Sugar Pop is a slots game from Bet Soft with a sweet theme. It’s full of themes involving candy and other sweets. The game screen is on the large side. The splash screen explains some of the rules of the game, including the popping candy feature. This means that when you score a win by matching up three types of candy in a row they pop and shatter. More candies then fall down into the space.

You can get a series of combos this way. The game is also unique because you can actually level up. The more you win, the higher your level will be. You can also see additional special candy items as you move through the game, according to the splash screen.

When you first enter the actual game screen, the phrase “Sugar Pop” jumps out at you, complete with a popping sound. On the left you’ll see your current level along with your current bonus pattern.

The highest combination is getting 3 red candies in a row. This gives you 20 credits. One unique thing about this game is that you can get pay lines in a variety of directions. This includes going vertically. Any combination where the candies touch together can be a winner. There are also a number of separate patterns for bonuses as well.

In addition to the normal gameplay, Sugar Pop has a number of extra special features going on. Every time you win with three candies of the same color, for example, they will form up to make a super candy in the same color. If this super candy matches up with two other candies of the same color again, you get the bonus listed.

The color bombs happen if you get 5 of the same candy in a row. This bomb makes every candy on the board with the same color also explode and give you credits. There are 10 special candies you can get. Each of them occurs based on what level you have. For example, when you get passed level 10, candy canes start randomly occurring. This makes all candies in the same column and row as itself explode and yield credits.

The colors in the game are all really bright. They will definitely appeal to children especially. The spin button is just a green arrow moving in a circle. It doesn’t actually have any separate label. The simple buttons are actually easier to use since they don’t clutter the screen too much.

The bomb construction is also interesting because it builds up anticipation. The music has some deep bass going on as well as some light and jaunty tunes. The board itself is set up like some kind of candy machine with a beaker on the right that slowly fills up with blue liquid.

This is how you determine how close you are to achieving a new level. The level construction in this game is definitely unique since most slots don’t do it this way. It gives you more of a reason to keep going.