Safari Sam Slot Game by Betsoft

Basic overall description of Safari Sam slot game

Safari Sam is a great game for people who love the out of doors. The game follows Safari Sam on his travels through the wilderness. Sam searches the uncharted jungles and landscapes to encounter some pretty silly animals too! This is a 5 reel game with a 30 line video slot. You can access as many of the pay lines as you want at a given time. There is tons of excitement to look forward to here. With many free spins and a very fun bonus round, you won’t be able to stop playing!

The interface of Safari Sam

You’ll only be able to play this game in English. Overall, the interface of Safari Sam is superior to many of the games out there today, and it’s super simple to use. There are several main functions to pay attention to in your window, so watch for these. You’ll have the Spin function to begin a new spin, the Double Up feature if you want to double up, a function for placing your maximum bet and many others. You may choose to turn the sound on or off with one function, and there are also other functions to let you know your balance, credits, win and bet per spin.

Safari Sam bonus games and jackpot availability

Unfortunately, there is not a progressive jackpot offered with this particular slot game, but there is a bonus game! To play the bonus game, simply look out for the best hunting area on your map. If you find the right location, you will be able to play there and get a bonus payoff after the round. These bonus payoffs are automatically transferred to your winnings account when the round is finished.

Safari Sam symbols

The symbols in Safari Sam are some of the favorites in the online slots world. They are mainly based in things that you might see on a safari in the plains for jungle. First, you’ll have many wild animals from tigers and lions to snakes and giraffes. You might even see some elephants! You will also notice other things that are pertinent to a safari. These things include a jeep, a hunter, a tent and a native girl.

Conclusive review of Safari Sam

Overall, most people find Safari Sam to be a fun, interactive game that allows you lots of options and bonus features. One downside that has been found is that Safari Sam does not feature a progressive jackpot, but the bonus game does make up for that in some cases. Other than the lack of progressive jackpots, you can be sure to enjoy this game for its amazing features, cool graphics and awesome sound effects. The theme is fun and interesting for people from all walks of life.

Where can Safari Sam be played online?

If you’ve read this review and become interested in playing the Safari Sam slot game online, you’ll want to check out the BetSoft website because they are the makers of this game. In addition, you may be able to find this game and others on some of the gaming websites like Drake Casino.