Rook’s Revenge Slot Game by Betsoft

The game “Rook’s Revenge” has an Aztec theme to it. The main character appears to be an Aztec person with a colorful hat and old style Mayan clothes and jewelry. There’s no video for this one, but there is a main picture and a little story. The game has 5 reels and a 25 line cascading action to it. The game takes place in the rainforest and it features free spins in a treasure vault. If you get enough wins you can get up to a 15x multiplier.

The first screen of the game just has a bit of explanation of what to expect such as the symbol for the wildcard, or the exploding symbols that knock everything into a different arrangement. You can click the “Do not show this screen again” box to skip it in the future.

The game appears to have several different layers to it in terms of animation. On the actual game screen, the “Chief” character does a lot of dancing and swaying on his feet. The chief character will also do various poses based on what happens.

He seems to do a kind of dance moving his hands in a circle when you have exploding tiles, for example. He also eventually does a sort of disco dance if you haven’t done anything in a while. The music has a chanting quality to it, and it includes lots of drums and music that sounds like it comes from the rainforest.

If you don’t like the music, you can turn it off by hitting the “Sound On” button in the top left, however. If you go up and down the edges of the game board, you can see the various lines that will be bet if you hit the “bet per line” button. Some of them go up and down each row, for example.

The “Choose Coin” area looks like it’s made of stone, and you can choose whether to give a full bet, or a fraction of it each time. The sound effects in the game are extensive, even beyond the music. When you hit the button to spin each time, you can hear all of the rock blocks falling into each other. You can also hear them shatter when they explode. You can win several times in a row if the blocks keep matching up as well. This goes up to a “5X” multiplier.

The chief will look over each time that you hit the spin. He has quite a range of different dances in his repertoire as well. For example, he’ll do the “worm” dance across the floor when you win sometimes. This involves falling to the ground and pushing forward with his legs and then his arms, working his way across the floor. The buttons push back in a satisfying way every time you click on them.

They make it look like you’re actually pushing back a real rock to spin the slot. The rocks will then fall back after you let go. Wins occur when any of the colored blocks line up three in a row in any direction.