Rockstar Slot Game by Betsoft

I love rock music, and the name of this game drew me to it. I was not disappointed. The music is epic, which is the name for one of the bonuses. The 3D for the characters in a rock band is true to the genre. There is an intro video that shows the band backstage in a dressing room hanging out. The crowd is in a large area. They are jumping up and down as they scream for the show to start. The animation for this game is very agile with each character’s moves. This makes it seem like a cartoon and not a slots machine game. The game has 30 pay lines on three layers with five rows of icons.

The icons for this game pay out decent amounts. The icon for the lead singer pays 500 credits for five icons. The icon with the band member wearing the black hat pays 400 credits for five icons. The band member with the black bandana icon pays 400 credits for five, and the drummer icon pays 400 credits for five as well. There are other game icons including a female fan, cover of a magazine, cover of a CD, a music contract, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. The Jack Daniels icon is my favorite. The payout range for the remaining icons is from 300 to 100 credits with five icons.

There are bonuses that have even more realistic animation such as the Epic Bonus. You win tons of extra credits once three or more of the scatter icon of a guitar land on any reel. Once activated the band member with a black hat and long hair smoking a cigarette comes on screen and rocks out a song. At the end of this solo, the game adds up all the winnings. In addition, there are fireworks at the end that cover the stage with smoke before returning to the band. There is another bonus with the wild icons of either gold or platinum records. If you get a single gold record, it is a two times multiplier. A single platinum record game icon pays a five times multiplier. If you get both the gold and platinum at the same time, you earn a ten times multiplier.

The main bonus for the game is triggered when you get three or more of a VIP ticket. This bonus has the game switching to a screen with different colored musical notes. The premise is to click the note as it hits the matching colored hole and falls inside. The more notes you hit, the bigger the payout. I got all the bonuses in about an hour after starting the game. The epic solo bonus came up in the first 20 spins. It even repeated in less than five spins later. This made me excited to see how the bonuses worked in ‘Rockstar’. The biggest payout for me was 5,000 credits, which is huge.

This game is a winner with the animation and huge payouts that win back to back. My 10,000 credits from the start of the game quickly topped 25,000 in no time. The music was really cool, and I loved the animation for each icon. I will be a ‘Rockstar’ slots game groupie.