Puppy Love Slot Game by Betsoft

It’s clear right away that the “Puppy Love” slot game is aimed at people who like cut things. The icon has a big balloon feel to it, and there’s a paw print in the “o” in “love.” The beginning splash screen explains that you can win up to around 4 million credits. The wild symbol is a dog leash with a “puppy love” tag on it. There’s also a puppy store bonus, and a free spin mode.
Fortunately, you can check to not show the splash screen again if you so choose. The music for the game is a slow, jaunty tune that has a cute feel to it. It gets a bit repetitive after a while, but fortunately you can turn it off in the options if you want. The button for choosing coins is in the bottom left and it looks like a bag of puppy food. You can adjust the paylines, bet per line, and total bet with straightforward buttons underneath the main game screen.

Each time you hit a button, you’ll hear a squeaky dog toy noise. You can definitely turn this off too if you prefer since it can get a bit maddening after a while. The spin button looks like a sign with a bone on it. When you press it, you hear a clacking noise and the game screen will spin and then lock into place.

After that, the elements of the game are fairly simple. You just have to match up three symbols in a row. Most of the symbols are sad looking puppy dogs. The highest paying combination in the general paylines comes from getting five “Puppylove” doghouses in a row. This pays 1000 credits. The other combinations pay out a few hundred each on average for getting five in a row.

The “Puppies for Sale” sign symbol has to show up twice on a payline that you have chosen for the bonus round to activate. You can also hit the “Max Bet Spin” sign to do a spin with a maximum available bet. This is generally 20 paylines with 5 bets per line.

When you get free spins, they can combo and keep adding free spins if you get more combinations that have this outcome. The “options” button on the top left lets you turn the game audio on or off. It also lets you turn on the Turboplay if you want, or alternatively, lets you disable the splash screen and the expandicon. You can select what level of quality you want as well.

The game isn’t that demanding in terms of graphics, but if you’re playing with an older computer, you might want to set the quality down to medium or low to make it play smoother.

Overall, it’s a cute game that plays fairly smoothly. The images are fairly cartoonish and the music is highly repetitive though, so it definitely might not be for absolutely everyone. It really just depends on whether you like the theme or not.