Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are a special kind of jackpot usually associated with slot machines. A progressive jackpot grows with every play of the games associated with it; these jackpots grow because a portion of each bet is allocated to the jackpot. Progressive jackpots are usually associated with a group of one kind of gaming machine; although, the type of machine is often interchangeable. Some table games also have progressive jackpots. In these cases, the jackpots are paid out only for exceptionally high-ranking hands, like royal flushes, or for hands with unusual card combinations, like three suited sevens to make a score of 21 in a blackjack game. Progressive jackpots are very popular, for they give players hope for a payout that is far higher than the wagers placed.

In land-based and online casinos, almost all progressive jackpots on slot machines and video poker machines require players to qualify by playing the maximum bet. Maximum bets vary from game to game, so players are encouraged to closely read the payout tables. Progressive jackpots on table games frequently come in the form of an additional side bet; the amount of the additional bet is set by the casino. Tables may have a slot or other space reserved to signify and to validate the bet that qualifies each player for the progressive jackpot.

When a player wins a progressive jackpot, the jackpot will reset to it’s lowest point; the low point may be zero or any other value chosen by the casino. Then, the jackpot will begin to build value again by collecting a percentage of each bet placed on the designated machines. In many cases, one progressive jackpot payout does not mean that nobody else will win another jackpot. Progressive jackpots, like all other gambling wins, are based the laws of probability and on random chance. The game outcomes, not the value of the progressive jackpot, determine how often a progressive jackpot is awarded.

Procedures for paying winners of progressive jackpots are subject to the rules of the house. Because some progressive jackpots can reach very high values, many brick and mortar casinos will make a big deal about progressive jackpot wins. The games may stop playing. Loud music might play, and bells may ring. Casino staff may want to take photographs of the winner, so the casino can use these photographs for promotional purposes. They may also ask for identification before providing the winner with a check for the winnings. Identification is often requested to verify the winner’s personal information for taxes and other legal purposes.

Online casinos, on the other hand, may have rules for winning progressive jackpots posted in their Terms of Use. Because online casinos function from numerous different locations around the world, they may have significant progressive jackpot payout procedure differences from one casino to the next. Online casinos may also want to use the winner’s name and photo for promotional purposes. Additionally, they may need to verify age, identity, and tax information to comply with laws in the casino’s home jurisdiction, and depending on the location of the winner, her or his local laws may also have statutes with which online casinos must comply.

Progressive jackpots run on different kinds of computer software, but software information is not usually available except to casino employees with security clearance and with training to program or to repair jackpot software. Some of the progressive jackpot software companies include Microgaming, Wagelogic, and Playtech. Like casinos and other casino supply companies, these companies keep specific information about their products quite secret to ward off fraud or tampering. While this secrecy helps to protect the validity and security of the logarithms that drive progressive jackpots, it can be off-putting to players who want a deeper understanding of the processes behind the games.

Top Progressive Jackpots Running On Excellent Software

The top ten Progressive Jackpots in online casinos:
1. Mega Moolah Major
2. Jackpot Piñatas
3. Aztec’s Millions
4. Gold Jackpot
5. Millionaire Genie
6. Beach Life
7. Gold Rally
8. Mega Jackpots
9. Major Millions
10. Roulette Royale

How to Find and Play Games with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games are usually easy to find. A number of signals show the locations of progressive jackpot slot machines or video poker machines in land-based casinos. Usually, games will be in close proximity to each other, often along a wall, in a section, or as an island. This is also true of table games linked to progressive jackpots. In online casinos, various graphics serve as attention-getters for progressive jackpot games; although, the words progressive and jackpot will be highly visible.

Additionally, the number of games linked to a progressive jackpot does not have high or low limits. Some progressive jackpots are tied to individual slot machines or video poker machines; whereas others may be supported by hundreds of machines at one time. A few progressive jackpots draw value from machines in casinos around the world. These progressive games can accrue multi-million dollar jackpots and considerable press for big winners.

In land-based casinos, progressive jackpot counters, large LED or LCD displays, show the amount of the current jackpot. The jackpot value on the counter will be increasing steadily. The progressive jackpot counters will be highly visible and flashy, with bright lights and possibly with graphics. These design elements help them to stand out from other parts of the casino’s busy decor. Depending on the number of games connected to the jackpot, the rate of the progressive jackpot’s increase will vary. Usually, the jackpot values increase faster when more connected games are in play, but some progressive jackpots are time-based and accrue value even when no games are active.

Slot machines and video poker machines connected to progressive jackpots may have individual displays that show the increasing jackpot value; although, some may only have the word progressive on the pay table’s highest winning combination. Table games with progressive jackpots may also have a large counter if one progressive jackpot covers play on several tables. Then, each table will have a smaller counter, so players can watch the potential winnings increase.

After locating and identifying progressive jackpot games, players need only choose where to play. For most slot machines or video poker machines with progressive jackpots, players must play the maximum bet to be qualified for the progressive jackpot. Maximum bets on slot and video poker machines can range from two coins to over 100 coins. The values of the coins are, of course, variable. The easiest way to guarantee that the maximum bet is played every time on electronic games is to use the Max Bet button for every game. This is true for both land-based and online games connected to progressive jackpots. For table games with progressive jackpots, players may need to place a small additional bet. The table will have a slot or mark where progressive bets are placed; if the process is unclear, game dealers can explain how to participate in the progressive jackpot. In online casinos, the how-to-play page and the help button can guide players who want more information about placing bets on progressive jackpots.

In common with all games of chance, playing progressive jackpot games is most fun for players who exercise common sense. Those who refrain from over-indulging in alcohol and from taking drugs participate in the games more fully and make better wagering decisions. A set budget for gambling is one of these decisions. Overspending is easy to do when pursuing a progressive jackpot, so reasonable budgets can be important to prevent player’s remorse on the next day. When the budget for the casino trip runs out, attentive players see that it is time to stop for the day. Progressive jackpot games can also be addictive, and most casinos are more than willing to share information about gambling addiction if asked.