Pinocchio Slot Game by Betsoft

I love this game. It has the theme from the classic story Pinocchio. The characters are Gepetto, Pinocchio as a wooden boy or a real boy, the fairy, and Jiminy Cricket. There are 15 pay lines for this game. The backdrop for the reels is in Gepetto’s workshop. During the game, he is juggling different colored balls on the left hand side. Pinocchio is on the right side sitting. From time to time, he is jumping up and down or clapping his hands. The music sounds like it is from a fairy tale. There are three different worlds to play in such as Pinocchio’s Classroom, Gepetto’s Workshop, and The Puppet Show. The graphics and 3D effects are stellar. All the animation makes the game seem like a very well done cartoon.

The only character icons are Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Pinocchio pays the most with 500 credits for five icons. Jiminy Cricket pays 200 credits for five icons. The remaining game icons include a show bill, a wooden carving, a cuckoo clock, the letters A, K, Q, J, and the number ten. Each icon has rich colors and graphics that make the game realistic.

The bonuses include a fairy re-spins feature. It offers you a chance to get pay outs when the fairy randomly appears to give you a five times multiplier. She appears a lot throughout play. During the time the world mode changes, she flies out of the window to the next world, and Pinocchio appears in that world as a real boy. Whether the fairy is in the re-spin feature or any other part of the game, there is tons of fairy dust in different colors everywhere.

A unique bonus is the Real Boy Mode. To trigger this bonus, you need to get five real boy icons. This is where the animation becomes engaging as the wooden boy changes into a real boy and the winnings grow in tons of free credits. The classroom icon showed up more than the others, and the game took me to that mode more. When Pinocchio changes into the real boy, he spins around and starts whistling. If he enters the world as a wooden boy, he changes back to a real boy and vice versa.

The different modes are triggered by the Gepetto, school book, or the wagon icons landing on their respective reel. Gepetto has to land on reel three. The school book is for the classroom mode and needs to land on reels one, three, and five. The wagon can land on any reel in the middle of the slots. All of these icons are wilds. With two or three of each icon, you can earn two to three free spins and 30 or 150 credits. To change the world, you need ten of each of the wild icons to go from one mode to the other. There is a counter on the top of the reels to help you keep track of progress. I got the world change a ton of times.

The different game modes made the game interesting. The double pay feature is available with the heads or tails scenario. Although, the payouts were not the biggest, it is still a fun game to play. I would recommend playing for the entertainment factor alone.