Once upon a time slot Game by Betsoft

Once Upon a Time is a slot game with charm, wit and a big sense of fun! Filled with lovable characters and a fabulous soundtrack, it is certain to keep you entertained and craving more. The animation style of this game is excellently fun, and the interactivity exceeds expectation. Start playing, and it won’t take long to get into the swing of things!

The sound and music is perhaps one of the highest selling points in the game. Fun and bubbly, the music draws the player in and sets the stage for the crazy antics of the characters. Much like a cartoon’s soundtrack, it finds the perfect balance between staying in the background and jumping to the forefront of your attention. The game’s sounds are charming but not over the top, something much appreciated when the game is played for long periods of time. The high quality of these sound effects speaks of the large amount of effort put into this game’s production.

With such a hilariously adorable intro sequence, the game will start off with a bang and will keep getting better. Many surprises await you the more you play! Every win has its own little animation for you to enjoy, and some may even jump right off the screen! Some of the most notable characters are the loving knight and his princess, the goofy dragon and of course the mischievous goblins who just love to steal things! The game’s artistic style is bold and loud, with natural undertones that keep the atmosphere peaceful even through all the antics of the characters. As you gain or lose in this goofy, endearing and downright silly game of slots, you are sure to have your heart warmed.

The many different sections of the game act like machine parts, working meticulously together to create a satisfying and smooth experience. While no directions are immediately given, the game is easy to understand and the more it is played, the smoother it becomes. It is relatively simple to navigate, unlike many other slot games and this ease of access makes it all the more enjoyable. The game has several options for you to play with and many different ways for you to bet your coins. Play it right and you’ll come out on top! You can spin individually with a simple bet and small prize, or a large bet and a potentially huge prize! The factor of luck and chance puts you on the edge of your seat with every spin! There’s even a customizable auto-spin feature to keep you on your toes.

The artistic style, the characters, the game sequence and the soundtrack all work together to give you the best game possible. Easy to understand and entertaining to play, Once Upon a Time will dazzle you and keep you coming back for more time and time again.