Ned and his Friends Slot Game by Betsoft

‘Ned and his Friends’ is a cute game with the animation and 3D to make it realistic. The plot is a man named Ned who lives by himself. He is sitting in his living room watching television. The detail of the animation for this game is very intricate. For example, Ned’s fingers are tapping the side of his chair. In addition, the mice are dancing or running and jumping in boxes that are at the top or the bottom of the bookcase. The background has the sounds of mice and rats singing a song. The reel is three layers with five symbols running across each layer. The backdrop for the reels is a bookcase in the living room. A ceiling fan has a light on and is spinning. From time to time, Ned jumps up in his chair when you get a big payout.

The icons for the game pay tons of credits. The Ted icon has the biggest payout with 2500 credits for five. The singing rat named Sweet Pea pays 1500 credits when you win five of them. There is another mouse icon which pays 1250 credits for five, and another mouse with a cookie that pays 1000 credits for five icons. There are three more icons, and two of them are mice, while the third is Ned’s front door. They pay 750, 500, and 250 respectively. The bonus round payouts when you get three or more of the female character named Katie. She faints and the rat duet lead by Sweet Pea come out of the boxes and sing on the kitchen table until she wakes up. The longer she sleeps, the longer they sing, and the payout grows bigger. When she wakes up, they run, and the game tallies the winnings.

There is a free spins bonus feature that you win once you get three icons of Sweet Pea. The five rat duet comes down from on top of the bookcase to the floor and sings and dances while the free spins happen. At the end, someone knocks on the door and the rats run to hide as Ned answers it. It is really pretty funny. The last bonus is the rat tail click me. Once you get three icons with a rat hole in the wall and a tail sticking out, you can pick any one of the three for bonus credits. I got all the bonuses regularly, especially the five free spins. The rat tail came up the most after that. The big bonus round with the fainting Katie came up once during an hour of play. I set the game on auto play. This feature lets you pick the amount of lines up to five to bet on. It also lets you chose the coin denomination and the number of auto spins up to 100.

During this game, Ned can be heard encouraging you as the winnings spin, or when you are taking a break. He also talks about how the remote is not working. This game is one to play for big payouts and funny animations and sounds that are entertaining. ‘Ned and his Friends” is a winner for any one that plays it.