Mr Vegas Slot Game by Betsoft

Finding a slot machine game that has large payouts and is not boring can be a challenge. However, Mr. Vegas video slot is a game with four games in one. There is the original slot game, followed by a bevy of bonus rounds with a game of craps, roulette, or money wheel. This game has regular play on up to 30 pay lines for wagers to be made. There are five reels of play with three layers of icons and exceptional 3D features. This 3D aspect along with the realistic feel of casino sounds and music, make this a game to play for hours. The impeccable game display is inviting with clearly labeled information.

The software by Betsoft Gaming delivers with agile and responsive play. Changing the bet denomination amount, the numbers of lines bet on, or using the max bet feature are easily available during play. In addition, there is an auto-play button for times when the player wants to sit back and let the game spin for them. The software took into consideration the display of the important information with each banner highlighted. During regular play, once there is a win, the pay-out lines are displayed. This remains in place until the next spin. The conveniences of the game include changing a bet with the minus (-) or plus (+) sign, turning off the sound and more. There is a special banner for the ‘unlocks money wheel’ at the top of the screen which is on the opposite side to the mega jackpot banner. The significance is the money wheel earns the player a chance to play for the progressive jackpot, so knowing the status of both is crucial.

The storyline is well done with characters and animation. It is easy to forget you are playing a slot machine game. The premise of a high-roller and his companions in Vegas is realistic. The game starts with the main character, Mr. Vegas arriving in a white limo with his two lady friends. The champagne bottle has the name Mr. Vegas written on it. The companions have different personalities with separate animation action. In addition, the concierge, showgirl and dealer are engaged with animation on each spin to make the game more entertaining. With two play options, this game is more than a slot for winning but for entertaining. Players can game an unlimited amount of times for free or switch to real money when they are ready.

The Play Action and Payouts of Mr. Vegas

The Mr. Vegas slot machine delivers huge payouts in a variety of ways. This includes regular play with reel spins on any of the 30 pay-out lines. The ten game icons range from 1500 credits to zero credits. The showgirl pays the most with 1500 credits for five icons to 30 credits for two icons. There are several of the icons that pay zero credits, which include the concierge, dealer, Las Vegas sign, roulette wheel, champagne bottle, chips, and a pair of cards. The next icons with a big pay-out are both of the female companions that pay 900 credits for five icons to 15 credits for two icons.

There are bonus icons, which are specific to the bonus game won. There are four different bonus play opportunities for players. For example, the Mr. Vegas icon, slot machine icon, Money Wheel Jackpot icon, and dice icon alerts the player to a bonus round or free spins. There are free spins that can be earned during both the regular and bonus feature play. The denominations used for placing a wager range from two cents to $1. Players can change their bet anytime between spins by choosing three options. The options include choose coin, bet per line or select lines button, which can be adjusted to help maximize the pay-out amount. Once the bet has been changed, there is confirmation on a banner just above the bet per line button. There is also a max bet spin that can be accessed at any time during play. This feature automatically chooses all the lines at the maximum wager amount. In addition, there is a banner at the top of the game with the real-time amount of the game’s mega jackpot. Here is a look at the examples of the bonus play features.

The first bonus play feature example includes the dice and Mr. Vegas combo spin that pays out in free spins and multipliers. A player simply lands a dice icon on either side of a Mr. Vegas icon to win. It is important the dice land on reels one through three to trigger the bonus. Once bonus play begins, free spins are earned based on the number of dots on the winning dice. The multiplier is two times the wins during the bonus spins. There is a possibility that the player will win more free spins during this bonus feature. This bonus can quickly become a revolving door of additional spins and bigger pay-outs. In addition, this bonus can lead to the mini-slot bonus, Money Wheel Jackpot, or the Mr. Vegas bonus round.

Next is the mini-slot feature, which is triggered with at least three icons of slot machines. The slot machine icon acts as a wild that can land anywhere on the reels for more bonuses spins. Again, the animation included make it clear that you are not playing the regular slots game during this bonus feature. The mini-slot feature begins to auto spin for the number of times won. The winning pay-out lines are displayed before the next spin starts. The player can see the winnings in the win banner above the max spin button. Just like the dice and Mr. Vegas bonus feature, the wild icon for the slot machines can land during this bonus round. This means the player can increase winnings with huge pay-outs.

Speaking of huge pay-outs, the Money Wheel Jackpot has the potential to pay out the biggest winnings. This bonus feature leads the player to the game’s progressive jackpot. Once the player lands five pieces of the money wheel on any reel during regular play, the bonus is triggered. This bonus feature adds the fourth casino game of play. The Money Wheel Jackpot has the potential to pay-out winnings in forms other than cash. First, it gives the player access to win the progressive jackpot in full. This amount could be in the tens of thousands of dollars, or the currency for real play. However, there are other prizes on the Money Wheel Jackpot such as free credits, bonus rounds, free spins and incredible prizes. The prizes vary and the player will learn what they are as they win them.

The bonus round with Mr. Vegas is another example of the different ways a player can win big. To trigger this bonus the player would need to earn the Mr. Vegas icon on reels one, three, and five. Once the bonus round is won, the player is instantly whisked into a game of roulette. The animation makes it clear that you are no longer in regular play but inside a room within the casino. This is a private game of roulette with the sounds of the wheel spinning. The bonus winnings include free spins, free credits, and cash. In addition, there is a multiplier feature to this bonus.

Mr. Vegas Slot Machine Game Summary

Mr. Vegas has a bevy of exciting play opportunities for gamblers who want to play for free or with real money. In addition, there are ten game icons which pay on most spins. The BetSoft Gaming software is state-of-the-art with a 3D background of colors and animation. The animation keeps play engaging and encourages the player to the next bonus of free spins, free credits, prizes and more. The multiple games including roulette, craps and money wheel give the gamer a plethora of chances to win with a variety of pay-outs. This multiple game aspect makes Mr. Vegas a stand-out for regular slot machine enthusiast. With the opportunity to play more than slots and win with a ton of different bonus, is more than enough incentive to spend time with this game. Whether you get one of the generous bonus spins or not, you will earn payouts consistently. Whenever you want to take a break from the classic slots for a game of video slots, Mr. Vegas can be one of those options played.