Mamma Mia Slot Game by Betsoft

This was a funny game with lots of great animation. The chef is singing and talking throughout the game. The reel is set in the kitchen window. The graphics and 3D effect is pretty good. The music is Italian with the sounds of the chef chopping or food cooking in the background. There are three characters in the game that are animated with a winning spin. However, all the game icons have some motions with each winning spin throughout play. The characters include the chef, a waiter and a food critic.

The game icons have generous payouts. The chef is worth 2,500 credits, the food critic pays 1,250 credits, and the waiter earns you 1,000 credits. There are tons of other icons from a pasta dish, dinner check holder, newspaper, a rack of wine bottles, boiling water, and chopping board to name the regular ones. They pay out from 625 credits to 250 credits with five icons. This game does not have a progressive jackpot. Although, there is a lock feature with wild icons that appear anywhere on the reels and payouts increase when they are won.

There are bonus icons that consist of pizza toppings such as sausage, cheese, olives, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and knives. They pay out bigger than the regular game icons. The range of credits starts at 5,000 to 250. These come up during the free spins bonus called ‘Pizza’. This bonus is triggered after three pizza icons hit anywhere on the reels. I got this bonus a few times in a couple of hours and won big payouts every time. For instance, the biggest payout was 3,750 credits with the five free spins.

I got the main bonus round, where I had to pick one of six dishes for the chef to prepare for the critic. You watch the credits add up as the critic is eating the food. I chose the chef special and won 600 credits. For the bonus round, I thought this was cheap, especially compared to the payouts from the wild icon spins. A click me bonus feature is available with three food cover icons. They can land on any reel. Once you click one, the bonus credits are revealed. I got this a couple of times and won 600 and 1,175 credits each.

The auto play feature lets you bet on up to 30 pay lines in this game. It has a dial for the denomination as well as the number of spins to select. I tried this feature with the maximum lines, bets and spins. This worked well, because I got to see the game without having to click the spin button. There was a lot of “belisimos, and bellas” being shouted by the chef as well as “That is wonderful.” This was heard for the big payouts. There are so many big payouts during the regular spins because of all the wilds that land. At one point, I have over 30,000 credits.

All in all, this was a funny game to play. The theme with the chef and his waiter seemed believable. The animation for each icon was entertaining, but the sounds really helped a lot. I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a solid slots experience.