Madder Scientist Slot Game by Betsoft

The ‘Madder Scientist’ is a big thumbs up! I love the 3D and animation, because it is fun and makes the game interesting. The colors fit the game theme. Most slots have a theme but this one is a good fit. The sounds, characters, and icons match it so you know what is happening throughout the game. There is an intro video that gives you the storyline, but you have the option to skip it. But, I watched it, and it gave me the game background. The setting is in a dark and dingy basement lab. Some of the icons make noise such as the light bulb and the madder scientist himself. Actually, he talks or yells with each win as he pumps his fists throughout the game. The female assistant and rabbit are quiet, but they are also animated.

There are tons of bonus opportunities. I could play this game for hours every day. The bonus chances are winning with every five or six spins. The best part is the re-spin bonus feature. It works like this. Once a spin is finished, the word re-spin is at the bottom of every reel. When you hover over the word re-spin that reel will show you the credits needed to get a bonus spin. The bonus spin could be three carrots or three beakers filled with liquid. The amount of credits varies from one to over hundred. You can even try and match the icons and win a big payout that way.

The icons are made up of the mad scientist, his female assistant, his pet rabbit, a bulb, a microscope, a couple of beakers, viruses, a sign that says ‘danger high voltage’. The mad scientist and his assistant are the icons you want to get. They each pay 500 credits for five icons. The rabbit is next with five icons you get 400 credits. I kept getting the danger sign during regular spins, which only pays between 10 and 40 credits. But, the bonus kept me in the payouts.

There are three carrots that take you to a bonus round. During the carrot bonus round, you can mix a potion by picking two beakers. For each beaker, you earn credits. Then, once the two liquids inside them are mixed together, it creates a special carrot worth more credits. The mad scientist is the one seen mixing the potions after you pick it. The golden carrot pays the most. I got that once, and it earned me 500 credits. The beakers bonus is the one to get. Once you get three of them, you get to pick a beaker it seems like a ton of times. Each time you pick a beaker the game adds credits or free spins. I really racked up with this bonus as well.

I keep a journal of the games that are fun, engaging and have lots of bonuses with big payouts. The ‘Madder Scientist’ is going in my journal. I can play this game for hours. I did turn the sound down, because after a while of play, it gets repetitive. Although, most games usually end that way for me. But, do not get me wrong. The ‘Madder Scientist’ is a winner.