It Came From Venus Slot Game by Betsoft

This is a fun game. The 3D, animation and storyline are hilarious. I love the colors and how there is animation with almost every aspect of the objects on the screen. This includes the winning spins with the barking pet dog Butch and more. The music fit the theme for a country farmer in the middle of the corn fields. The plot is based on a farmer who is out one day doing his chores when all of a sudden a meteor comes flaming towards him. Once the object lands, it turns into a plant-like creature. Hence the name, ‘It Came From Venus’. During the game, the farmer becomes fond of the creature, and they hang out. After reading the pay table, the rest of the plot is explained. Basically, the government finds out about the creature from Venus and wants to take it away. But, you have to hit the bonus round for this to trigger. Eventually, it does and a helicopter appears with the noise to go with it. The only way for the farmer to rescue his new friend is when you pick the box with him inside during the bonus round.

The game pays out from the beginning. There is a double-up bonus win that you can play after every winning spin. This makes it easy to add more credits to the $1000 balance you automatically start with. Although, this sounds like easy money, it was a bit harder. The double-up bonus consists of the farmer throwing an apple to the creature. You have to pick if the creature is going to catch the apple, or miss it. Your choice is how the bonus is paid out. So, you have to guess the right one. You get it most of the time if you say miss. At least, that is what happened when I played it. However, the creature makes it tricky by catching sometimes.

There is another fun bonus for free spins. This is triggered after five feed me bags hit the center reel. The bag jumps from the reel onto an oily looking barrel, and the creature sticks out its tongue and eats it. Once it eats five feed me bags, the bonus spins are activated. All throughout the game the farmer and the creature have fun banter with laughter. The farmer also jumps on the oily barrel with excitement. During the game, make sure that you have the bet set for what you want before the feed bag bonus trigger starts to add up. Otherwise, you will lose it when you change the bet. I made that mistake when I had four out of five feed bags accumulated. I changed my bet amount because my credits were getting really low.

The top paying icon was for five creatures worth 500 credits. I never got that one. But, with all the bonuses this was still a solid game. All and all, I would definitely recommend this game. It is cute and funny. The payouts start from the first few spins, and the bonus opportunities make the game more interesting. I think the double-up bonus keeps the game moving. I will be playing this game regularly.