Gypsy Rose Slot Game by Betsoft

The game “Gypsy Rose” from Bet Soft has an initial graphic showing a typical depiction of a Romani wooden carriage with a lantern on the back and a Romani woman with typical garb including a head covering, large golden hoop earrings and a red dress with a corset and frilly sleeves. She’s holding Tarot cards and has a number of bracelets and rings on her fingers.

This particular slot machine approach has a bit of a slow loading time, but that could be computer specific. The title screen has information about the game before you get to the game. You can win up to 336,000 credits in this game.

The main game screen features three rows with 5 squares in each row. It also has a lot of animation going on such as moths that continually fly around a lantern. The Romani woman plays with her hair occasionally and looking over a crystal ball. You can click on the “Choose coin” button which looks like something laying on a red pillow in order to control your bet. The “select lines” button will show you which lines you currently have selected in the form of golden bars that go across the screen.

You can also change your bet per line. Playing the game is as simple as clicking on the stylized “Spin” button far on the right. When you do click on this button, the Romani woman stares into her crystal ball and waves her hands over it. Special effects occur based on what happens on screen. So if you match up some crows, for example, they will jump to the forefront of the screen and call. When you win, the Romani woman also jumps up and dances around. The wild cards are literally just cards with the word “Wild” on them.

The woman will also audibly shout with joy when you win as well. Typical music associated with fortune caravans plays throughout as well. You can switch this off by clicking on the “Options” button in the top right corner. You can switch the “Background Music” on or off on this screen. You can also switch off the “Sound FX” as well if you want. Other options on this screen including turning on Turboplay, disabling the Expandicon, or skipping the splash screen when play starts.

The option screen also allows you to make the graphical quality high, medium or low. The purple “View Pays” button in the top right corner will give you a full list of how the payout works. The highest general payout is for 5 love potions. This is worth 1500 credits. After that, you get 1200 credits for 5 Romani women, 900 credits for 5 books, 750 credits for 5 crows and so on.

Other options for increasing your earnings include hitting the “double up” button in the far right corner. There’s also an autoplay button to make it easy as well. Each of the squares will light up and show you when you’ve won something. This will include the exact credit amount that you won. This is useful so you don’t get confused on the matter.