Greedy Goblins Slot Game by Betsoft

The ‘Greedy Goblins’ is a cute and funny game. I wanted to try it because of the name. Once I loaded it up, the introduction video confirmed I had made a good decision. The game is set in the forest with a tribe of goblins. They are nefarious and out to get the other tribe. The other tribe consists of mild mannered elves. The music sounds like something you would hear with this theme. The elves and goblins have leaders. Both of them talk, but the goblin is the one standing on the left side of the reels throughout play. The reel is set in the trunk of a tree in the forest. The animation and 3D are excellent. There is a lot of dancing from both the goblins and elves. The goblins are more like green longed eared creatures that only wear brown loincloths. The elves dress in clothes with hats and shoes. The goblins live underground and come out at night to steal the coins, jewels and ideas of the elves.

There is a progressive jackpot that can be won with max bet play. The jackpot was almost 7,000 credits when I played. The icons had generous pay outs. The elf leader has the most with 62,500 credits once you get five icons. The goblin leader only had 6,000 credits for five icons. The rest of the icons for the game included a mushroom, a jeweled crown, a jeweled cup, a large diamond, a cratered moon, and a most wanted poster of the goblin leader. The top payout requires five icons for each with a credit range of 1,200 to 375 credits. The jackpot icon is five of the elf leader. But, it has to show up during the max bet play. There are other bonuses such as the coins drop, which is triggered when two or more appear on the reels in any location. For two coins, you win 300 credits. I won this amount a lot of times during the time I played. The maximum amount of credits is 3,750 for five coins.

This game has a feature for a wild reel that will stick in place during the free spins. Three is the most re-spins that you can win. However, you can win additional sticky wilds during the re-spins. You need three shack icons to activate this bonus. A free spin feature is also in this game when you get three Welcome to Elfania sign icons. This icon also has up to 7,500 credits with the maximum 25 free spins.

The main bonus round is triggered when you get the book of secrets icon. This icon has to fall on reels two and four to activate the bonus. This game has one more bonus which can increase payouts during regular play called the double up. Once you click it, the game takes you to a room with the elf leader who flips a coin. One side has a picture of an elf and the other has a picture of a goblin. You have to pick the side before the elf leader tosses the coin in the air. You can play double up as much as you want.

This is a great game with lots of bonuses and funny animation. This game has 30 pay lines set on five reels that are three layers thick with lots of chances to win big. I would recommend it to others. I will also be playing it again.