Gold Diggers Slot Game by Betsoft

This is a solid game with a funny plot. There are three characters that are looking for gold. A short fat man, a tall skinny man, and a blonde woman are working together in a mine during the gold rush. The reel has a backdrop in the mine as it hangs from the rafters. The music is country with banjos in the background. There are 30 pay lines with five icons on three decks of play. The auto play feature is available so you can set the number of spins, denomination and pay lines for each spin. This game does not have a progressive jackpot. The only animation outside of the spinning reels are two lanterns on either side. Although, sometimes you can see water dripping from the ceiling between spins. The real animation takes place when the payouts are awarded. All the game icons have special actions.

The five game icons pay lots of credits. The short fat man icon leads the way with 200 credits, the tall man icon pays 1600 credits, and the blonde woman pays 1200 credits. There are other game icons including an oil barrel, a lantern, a wheel barrel, a hatchet, and a bowl of gold nuggets. They pay credits starting with a range from 200 to 600 for five of each icon. There are several bonuses for players to rack up big payouts. There is the dynamite scatter bonus that pays up to 800 credits with five icons. But, if you get three or more, then the reels they land on explode and extra credits are added. Another cool feature of this bonus is when it explodes. The animation puts smoke on the screen as the reels collapse.

The Gopher Dig Bonus pays up to 120 credits with five gopher icons. Once you get three or more, it triggers a feature that has three click me buttons. With each click, more credits are won. It is funny to watch the gopher animation with the dust flying and his tail wagging as he digs and comes out of the next hole. There are three click me buttons with bonus credits for each activation. The main bonus round gives the player a chance to pick three spots for the miners to dig for gold. Once the player gets three or more poster displays, the game takes them inside the mine. The three characters stand by as you pick three of the six spots. They dig and reveal the winning number of credits. At the end of the round, they do a jig dance. Actually, they do this jig whenever there is a big payout in the regular play as well.

I played this game for a couple of hours and continued to see payouts, although they started to dwindle in amounts won. I tried out the auto play, and sat back to watch if the big payouts from the beginning of the game would return. They did not come back so I stopped playing. The overall animation, graphics, and 3D make this an entertaining game. Listening to the country music and accents of the characters will have you giggling. I think this is a game worth playing.