Glam Life Slot Game by Betsoft

I love this game! It has great animation and 3D effect. The icons all sparkle and twirl. The animation for the yacht shows the water moving as it bounces on the waves. The Rolls Royce drives up in the reel as it blows the horn and flashes the lights. The colors are clean with the right tones. The 25 pay line reel has a backdrop of being the entrance to a gated ritzy neighborhood. They fit the theme of living a glam life. The music makes you feel like you are a jet setter. Although, there are no characters, it is clear you are the one living the glam life. The best part of the game is all of the bonuses and big payouts. They seem to fall at the right time to keep the action engaging. The icons are pictures of items that every rich person would own.

You need to get five of all the icons to win the biggest payout. The game icons include a yacht, Rolls Royce, diamond ring, platinum watch, cell phone, bucket of champagne, and a couple of credit cards. The yacht has the most credits of 1,000 when you get five of them. The Rolls Royce has 750 credits, the diamond ring earns you up to 600 credits and the platinum watch pays a maximum of 500 credits. The last three icons pay from 375 to 250 credits with five icons.

There is a progressive jackpot that you can win with five yacht icons but you have to be in the max bet mode. I did not win the jackpot, which would have been nice, because it was worth over half a million credits. The bonus icon was a picture of a mansion with white columns. You needed three to trigger the bonus round. The bonus round was fun. A jet flies across the screen as it opens a new window to six cities including Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris, and Rome. You get to pick three to see how many credits you won. The jet flies to each city you click to reveal the number. I won this three times and won up to 400 credits.

The next bonus is the pick me. This one is activated when three necklace boxes land on a winning pay line. You earn the credits in the box you choose. I got this a few times in the two hours I played and generally got at least 300 credits. The next bonus to increase your winnings is the match bonus. Once you get three of the perfume bottle icon, the game screen turns into boxes with red curtains. You have to match at least three rubies, diamonds, or sapphires to earn the credits for that gem stone. I got this on the second spin. This had me excited to play the game.

I recommend this game to everyone. It has an auto play feature that sets up to 100 spins with any denomination and pay lines you want. I like how you know the amount of auto play spins you have, because the game clearly displays it at the bottom of the screen. Whenever I want to live the glam life, I will play this game.