Gladiators Slot Game by Betsoft

Gladiators Slots by BetSoft gaming offers players the opportunity to become the victor in the glory days of Rome. Spinners will delight in the colorful entourage of characters including masked gladiators, beautiful tigers, amazing coliseums, flags and weaponry. Swords and shields were necessary evils in the days when brute strength ruled the day. Battles were fought in front of the masses in ancient coliseums that set the precedent for modern day sporting events. Spectators cheered the victor who many times fought to the death with his opponent. Gladiators Slots captures the essence of the era and puts players into the coliseum. It allows an inside look into what living in Rome was actually like without the potential harm that accompanied that era.

The stunning visuals are only enhanced by the theme music of Gladiators Slots. The background music gives the player the sense of urgency of an impending battle that will decide the fate of the Roman warriors. As players spin, it will be hard not to feel the tradition and mythical splendor of an ancient time.

The payout table reveals various combinations of spins that will provide each competitor with the ability to reap huge rewards. A beautiful princess in the first position triggers the Wild Times 2 feature. As the princess drops rose pedals below her, the symbols below become Wild Times 2. This allows a competitor to cash in on even more riches. Perhaps a spinner can then up the ante with a 30 line bet.

A hero gladiator also turns column three wild. The hero walks out and crushes the entire third column making it wild! The hero gladiator grabs the applause of the delighted coliseum as the player adds more coinage to their growing wealth.

Players will also notice that three or more door symbols on an active pay line triggers a Click Me feature. This bonus offers the opportunity to earn even more riches from the days of Rome. This feature allows players to claim up to 500 credits. A Roman gladiator could perhaps purchase his own tiger with that amount.

The coliseum is a scatter pay symbol. The most visual feature of Gladiators Slots is when the spinner gets to prepare for an actual battle. This is prompted by a Hero, Coliseum and Villain on pay lines 1, 2 or 3 or reels 2, 3 and 4. This epic hero versus villain battle allows the player to choose who they believe will be the victor. Players can opt for the hero or the villain. As the two battle in the midst of a hungry Roman fan base, the coins are added to the bonus total but only one will be the true victor. To the victor goes the majority of the spoils-so choose wisely. The battle feature truly gives fans of the days of Rome an epic encounter with athletic prowess and greatness.

Gladiator Slots provides a wealth of scenery from the days of Rome. Players can win the adoration of fans in the coliseum and collect coins as an extra bonus. The stunning graphics and excellently placed music help develop the perfect atmosphere for a winning slots combination.