Fruit Zen Slot Game by Betsoft

First Impression of BetSoft’s Fruit Zen slots game

BetSoft is the maker of the slots game Fruit Zen, and they invite you to sit down, relax and enjoy all the amazingly peaceful graphics of this fun and gentle game. When you want to go online and play a slots game but don’t want it to be one with loud bells, whistles and in your face graphics, this is the slots game for you.

Overview of the game and description

Fruit Zen is best known for its awesome graphics depicting free flowing water and some amazingly realistic fruits. There are three rows of the symbols in front of you when you play, and there are five reels at any given time. The symbols are naturally all fruits. You will see some repeated spin options on this game as well as special symbols that may come up and give you chances at winning bonuses and extra prizes.

You can play this game with one to ten of the active lines. For each spin that you make, you can place a maximum bet of fifty euro, so this is good to keep in mind. In this way, if you want to be an owner of the combination payoff, you need to be ready on your active line with at least a few alike symbols. Your winning combination will only be your most valuable combination on the active line.

Interface of the Fruit Zen game

Many people love Fruit Zen because it offers a calming play and cool graphics to work with. Your ears won’t be assaulted by many loud noises, sounds or music. Instead, you should be pleasantly surprised by the great skill in the fruit symbols as well as the moving water in the background.

The interface for this game is only in English. The main window that you’ll see will have an assortment of buttons, so you’ll need to keep track of them all.

To start a new round of gaming, select Spin. You can play a maximum bet with Max Bet. Auto Play allows you to switch into auto mode for your game, so you won’t make any choices yourself. Choose Coin lets you see how much each coin is worth. The Win section shows you your payoff. You can see how many credits you have under Credits, and finally, the index table will be shown if you click View Pays.

Symbols in the Fruit Zen game

The name of the game is Fruit Zen, so it makes perfect sense that all the symbols you will be playing with in the game are going to be fruits. You will see all kinds of berries, plums, oranges, watermelons and lemons as well as some other fun fruits. There is also a bonus symbol that you should keep your eye out for. This is called the Wild symbol, and it is the Fruit Zen logo itself. You will only see the Wild symbol appearing in the center three reels, so look for it there. Keep in mind that there is not a progressive jackpot raffled in this game, nor are there going to be an thematic bonus rounds or free prize spins in the game.