Enchanted Slot Game by Betsoft

This has become one of my favorite games. The 3D effects and animation are the best that I have ever seen. And, I play tons of slots for entertainment. The storyline is solid with a theme from an enchanted land. This plays more like a video game instead of a slots game. The characters fit perfectly. For example, the fairy, the ogre, a townsman, and the wizard are all icons. But, the townsman character comes out randomly to take the key icon from the reels. The count for the number of keys is kept in a tally at the top of the reels. Once you get three it activates a bonus. The backdrop for the game is in a forest with lush trees and vivid colors. The sounds are the characters talking or laughing with music in the background. You can also hear the wizard chant a spell. The icons have animation throughout the regular play wins, free spins, and bonus rounds.

The icons all have unique animation with exceptional 3D effects. There is an owl, I really do not think this is a character. However, it does a flying animation movement when you win it. The other game icons consist of a gold cup; crystal ball, a gold ring, and a magic wand. To win the big payout for each icon you need five of them. The wizard has the most with 5,000 credits or the jackpot. This is followed by the fairy Feera with 20,000 credits, the ogre Rufus pays 15,000 credits, and townsman Tonk gets you 10,000 credits. The rest of the game icons have a payout range of credits from 5,000 to 500. There are tons of payouts during this game.

There are several bonuses. My favorite one is when you get to save the pet bird of the fairy from the ogre called Save Feera’s Birdie. The game swishes you to the middle of the forest, and you control the fairy as she shoots a spell on the ogre. For each direct hit, you win at least 150 credits. I won this too many times to count every time I played this game. I usually win from 600 credits to 1,200 credits for each round. There is another funny bonus called the crazy hats. Once a purple hat icon lands on any of the reels, a tornado comes on the screen as it vibrates and turns grey with fireflies floating. This is a re-spin feature that can have big payouts. I won 1,200 credits and smaller amounts a few times.

There is a progressive jackpot for this game with over 2,000 credits when I played. But, this changes with the denomination of the bet. There are 30 pay lines, which mean you can change it to any number of lines when you want. The auto play feature can be set with up to 100 spins. The bets can be the same denomination for regular play for up to five bets per line. This game has 30 pay lines. I play the auto play for 100 spins with every visit and always win big payouts. I would recommend this game for people who like some fun entertainment with slots machine play.