Boomanji Slot Game by Betsoft

Boomanji is a slot game focused on celebrations and fireworks. Each of the icons is a different type of firework. There are 10 lines available with 5 reel slots and 3 columns. The game has a bit of a bigger window then many other Bet Soft games.

As soon as you open the game, you’ll hear a serious of fireworks exploding. At the same time, you’ll hear some soothing music as something of a counterpoint. The game has the usual controls about choosing paylines, choosing a bet per line, and choosing what coin amount to use.

Right over the “Spin” button, you’ll see the current bet listed, which is a convenient way to track it. Firework icons appear with swishing noises. Whenever you win, quite a lot of effects happen on screen. Fireworks explode when they match up.

There’s an explosion of color and sound effects that can go on for quite a while. Little beams of light move across the screen to show you which lines are winning. It can all get a bit confusing. That’s why it’s a good idea to check after all of the effects die down to make sure you get what just happened in terms of combinations.

The highest single win combination is getting 5 of the triple-cluster firework icons in a row. This yields 2500. If you get 5 of the “mega boom” icons, you get 1200 credits. The wile symbol is a crate full of fireworks.

If you get this wild icon, it will become large enough to fill up the entire reel. This also automatically causes a re-spin. If you get more wild symbols, then you’ll get even more re-spins. The wild symbol can fill in for any of the standard fireworks below the top two winners.

If all of the animations are too much for you, it’s possible to turn them off by clicking on the “options” button in the top left corner. You can also turn off the Game Audio if you want in this screen as well. The options screen is also the place where you can change the quality if your computer is having trouble keeping up with everything going on.

All of the animations can get dizzying after a while. This is because there’s so much color in each of them. But, if you like lots of colors in a game, then Boomani is the right game for you. There really are few games that have quite as many impressive bursts of color as this game.

Since there isn’t really any three dimensional rendering or extra characters on the screen, the game does play rather smoothly. The background in the gameboard is a starry field. You can see shooting stars moving across it here and there as well.

There’s not a lot of story behind the game or much going on when you aren’t winning. But the board really springs to life when you win. Everything is blowing up everywhere and the effect is intensely impressive.