BlackGold Slot Game by Betsoft

If you love the old west mixed with some Texas flair, then you’ll be a fan of Betsoft’s BlackGold 3D slot machine. This game revolves around Old Bill and his quest to find black gold. Finding oil rewards a huge number of points, and there are plenty of opportunities for free spins and point multipliers in this fun and exciting game. Not only are there many bonuses and ways to win points, but there are also animations and sound effects that any cowboy enthusiastic will enjoy.

Winning Respins
BlackGold uses five-reel slot mechanics, meaning that you can win by linking symbols from different reels. Every winning roll automatically gives you a free respin so that you can get more points and multiply your winnings. The center reel will roll and keep rolling until you lose. This happens every time you win, and you can easily gain hundreds or thousands of points from a good round.

Bonus Free Spins
Aside from free spins when you win, you can also enter the “Nighttime Bonus Mode” by getting three or more barn symbols. You get free spins for every additional barn symbol, and there’s a huge point multiplier that ensures your winnings are massive during the bonus round. Combine this with winning respins and you can end up with thousands of points added to your account in a few rounds.

Instant Win Bonus Game
There is also an instant win bonus game that you can activate by getting three more oil drills. A new screen will open with three drill symbols. Click any of them to reveal your prize. You win every time, but the winnings can range from insignificant to crazy. This is a hard bonus game to activate because the drill symbols are very rare, but you’ll love when it comes up because you win every time.

Real Money or Points
Depending on your location, this game may be available in real money or just points. If you play the real money version, then you have to put down money on each reel. The minimum bet is $0.02 per reel, or about $0.10 per roll. The overall maximum is $75 per spin.

The animations are largely focused on Old Bill and his horse. Whenever you win a spin, you will see the horse jump and Old Bill will congratulate you. The more elaborate animations appear whenever you enter a bonus round. For example, getting the Nighttime Bonus Mode will turn the game dark, Old Bill will send his horse away and he’ll sit guard as you play your free spins.

There are also small animations with winning symbols, but they’re short and simple. For example, you might see Old Bill turn a wheel or some oil drilling from a pipe, but the animations are entertaining nonetheless.

BlackGold is a beautiful 3D slots game for those who love the old west. You get everything from horses, barns and cowboys to oil and the dream of striking it rich with black gold. The winning respins are a great way to gain extra points, and there are a ton of bonuses so that you really get some bang for your buck. If you love slots, then BlackGold is right up your alley.