Aztect Treasure Slot Game by Betsoft

Aztec Treasure is set in the jungle with animation and 3D effects for all the icons during wins. There is also fire burning at the top of the reel on either side. The colors are decent but not as vivid as they could be. The jungle music has sounds of birds in the background. There are 30 pay lines that can easily be changed. The denomination is the typical two cents to $1. One of the characters is a fat man that is doing all the work. I found myself asking why he was so fat when he was working throughout the game.

This game has three characters that consist of a fat man, a lady with a headband, and a lady with a medallion. Each character is an icon. The man pays 1,500 credits with five icons. Both the female characters pay 1,000 credits for five icons. There is a cheetah, Aztec building, a green gemstone, a red gemstone, and a gold bowl that pay from 750 to 225 credits. There are several scatter icons including a hut, spear, and a three colored gems.

When you get three of the hut icons, the ‘Love Hut’ bonus is triggered. I never got this bonus after two hours of play. Three of the gems activate the Aztec ‘Secret Room’ bonus feature. I got this bonus so many times that it began to feel like it was part of the regular play. After you earn the red, blue, and green gems, the game has the fat man pick each one up and take you to another part of the jungle. You have to pick the door where you want the stone to be placed. Once you click it, the fat man places it in front of the door. The door opens and reveals the free credits won. The most I won was 1,750 credits.

The gecko icon is the free spin trigger. But, you need three on a winning pay line to get the free spins. This is another bonus I never got to play. Although, I was sure that it fell on three of the reels during one of my spins. The game had big payouts, but for some reason this bonus never triggered.

Three of the calendar icons give you an instant bonus with up to 20,000 credits. There is a bonus feature called ‘Kiss Me’, after the three character icons land on reels two through four or reels one through three. I did not get either one of these bonuses. The last wild scatter is a spear. You only need to have one land anywhere on the reels to have the fat man character come on the screen and throw it to any reel. It acts like a wild icon to increase your payout. But, every time it landed after the fat man character threw it, there was no payout. I think this game may have a few bugs in the software.

I like the theme and the bonuses sound great. But, without being able to play them, the game got really boring. And, two hours of play is a long time to keep getting the same two bonuses. I may come back another time to see if I have better luck with this one. I was really looking forward to the ‘Kiss Me’ bonus, because it sounded hilarious. You have to see the fat man character to understand what I mean.