Arrival Slot Game by Betsoft

This game is hilarious with the alien brain creature as the villain. The intro video lays out the storyline with a space theme and saving the universe from this villain. The reel has 30 pay lines and is set as the control panel for the villain. He sits at the control and between spins says things like, “Hurry up earthling, I don’t have all day, or Please do something.” The music sounds like a movie score. The 3D effect and animation has exceptional movement. The villain is continuously pulling levers and turning around to make faces at you with his hideous laugh.

The characters are a male marine, a red hero creature, the alien brain, and a female marine. The male marine and the red hero are the only characters that are icons. A space capsule, space ship, planet with a ring around it, a gold badge, a robot with a green eye, and a green neon emblem make up the rest of the game icons. The male marine icon pays the most credits of 400, but you need to win five of them. The rest of the icons pay credits from 300 to 50 credits with five or more of them.

There are three scatters that lead to bonus round play or free spins. The first is a ray gun icon that activates the click me feature. Three UFOs appear on the screen and you pick one to reveal the number of credits won. This was my favorite bonus because the game takes you to a scene with the male marine in outer space floating. Three space craft appear with click me underneath. Once you click a space ship, he shots it and reveals the credits won. This continues until the word collect appears after shooting a space ship. It gets funny here when the brain alien stands up and says “I can’t stand this”. He goes outside to shot the male marine as the bonus round ends.

The last icon is the female marine. She activates the bonus round once you get three of them. When I won the bonus round the game took me to a room with the female marine in a force field bubble. The villain was behind a glass window, and as usually he was pointing at his watch to hurry you. The bonus round begins as you pick the correct four buttons that will turn off the force field holding the bubble. The female marine is freed when this happens. The credits won will be added up in front of you. I won this bonus three times in an hour with 3,000 credits on one round and 4,500 on another. My biggest wind was 6.000 credits.

The next bonus is triggered with the wild scatter icon. It is the picture of the brain alien. When three of them land on any reel, they turn into wilds and free spins begin. A space ship comes on the screen and hovers over one of the wild reels and turns it into a sticky reel with the number of free spins won. I got this one time and earned 2,000 credits.

This game is awesome. It feels more like a video game and you are part of the plot. The animation of the icons makes it seem like a movie scene. I will be playing it regularly, and once you play it, you will too.