2 Million B.C Slot Game by Betsoft

Many gamers wonder that what actually cave dwellers in 2-million B.C. used to do in order to pass their time without 3D slot. However, Betsoft has put this wondering to an end. Betsoft has introduced their new fully animationed as well as graphics loaded 2 million B.C. slot. 2 Million b.c. - Slot review states that its entire graphics have the ability to pop-off pages literally. In this game, there are three characters and these are orthodox cave dweller, ice age type sloth and attractive cavewomen. Obviously, cave dweller is the main player and star of this excellent game.

Play With Luxury 2 Million B.C. Slot With Cave Dweller

This cave dweller of 2 Million B.C. steer towards slots and on winning any prize hops up and down. This cave dweller even jumps if player starts any bonus feature. On leaving this cave dweller alone for a long time, it becomes bored, angry and even agitated. In this game, five reels feature sabre tooth’s stone carvings, pottery, club, stone wheels, sloth as well as gemstones and 2 Million b.c. - Slot review claim that all these attracts its players. Even screen of it has a clear sky, vibrant greenery as well as leafy border. Selection of lines depends on the player. He or she can choose from 1-30 lines. Coin amount alteration as well as rate-per-line change options is also given to the players. Credits vary from 1-5, whereas amount from 0.02-0.50.

Main Features Of 2 Million B.C. Slot

According to 2 Million b.c. - Slot review, there are three dominating features in it. These features are activated through appearance of diamonds or acorns and symbols of campfire. These appear as reel’s winning selection. Sloth collects all acorns whenever they appear and keeps it away on corner of left hand at top. When three of them have been collected, feature of “sabre attacks” is activated. In it, cave dweller climbs on reel top and launches acorns one-by-one to knock tiger down. All these launches have to be timed appropriately. On each tiger, player wins money. Other two features in it are diamond bonus and free spins. 2 Million b.c. - Slot review tell that most simple of all these features is free spins.

#1: Your Introduction To The Game

The game starts like you are in the middle of a movie. You will see the scene pan down into the jungle where you will start the game. You get every shade of green and brown you can imagine in the graphics, and you will see the beginnings of the world that you will explore as you play this game.

You are confronted with a path into the jungle that could take you anywhere, and you will be exposed to all the creatures and things that were lurking in the world around you. You will need to avoid these creatures, and you will increase your score as you get through this scary place.

#2: The Premise

The game is all about the people living in the year 2 million BC. These people are cave dwellers that come out during the day to hunt and gather for their families. You are greeted by the husband and wife of the clan, and they are going to introduce you to the board that you will use to play the game.

They show you a board that you can use to spin the five reels, and you will see all the different tokens that are included on the board. You must spin to see how the tokens move, and you will be encouraged by the family as you play the game.

The family is going to get impatient with you if you wait to play, and they want you to start playing so that they can participate in the game with you. Look across the bottom of the screen to see what you can change to make the game more exciting.

#3: Your Credits

The game credits you with 50,000 credits to begin the game. These credits are used to place bets on all the paylines, and you can change how much you are betting as you go. The game is over when you run out of credits, but you will earn more credits with every successful spin. The game depends on you betting properly using the menu at the bottom of the screen.

#4: The Coins

You must choose how many coins or credits you are going to bet on each of the lines. You can bet aggressively, but you might lose a large amount of coins all at once. You need to get used to the game before you start making bets that other people might consider risky. You will learn how the game works, and you can get an idea of the patterns that are occurring in the game. You will see how the game works, and you can begin to make more aggressive bets with your coins and credits.

You can change the coin value from two cents to one dollar. Keep turning the stone until you get the value you are looking for. You should start with the lowest value until you are more comfortable.

#5: The Lines

There are several paylines in the game that you choose by selecting the line rock. The line rock allows you to change to a line that you are more comfortable with. There are so many different paylines that they completely cover the board if you select them all. The paylines vary from very simple to very complex. You can try to make interesting patterns on the board with each spin, and successful spins are going to win more coins.

#6: The Bet Per Line

You must choose how much you are going to bet per line. You must select this rock to ensure that you are betting the right amount of money. This rock helps you place a bet that you think is worthy of the lines you have chosen. You will see your credit balance go up and down as you select this rock, and you will have a final credit balance showing before you spin the wheel.

#7: Spin

You choose the spin rock when you are ready to play, and you will see each reel spin on its own. The tokens show up in the order that the computer has determined, and you will see winnings show up in you balance. Every new spin requires you to place a new bet. These bets can change based on what you see the reels do. The best slots players are going to make changes constantly until they are happy with the bets they are placing. You should not place bets at random, and you must look at how the tokens land to see which lines are worth betting on.

#8: Bet Max

You can place the maximum bet for the spin by pressing the fire on the right side of the screen. The bet max option allows you to lay down as much as possible on every spin. The bet max option will not win most of the time, but it will pay off when you finally hit something good. You can use the bet max option when you are just passing the time, or you can use this option when you are feeling lucky.

#9: The Speed Of The Game

This game allows you to play quickly. Slot machines are often seen as things that simply take too much time. The slot machines you are used to take too long to play, but 2 Million BC is a game that goes by fast. You will be able to waste hours sitting in front of this game, and you can play it without much complication.

#10: The Sabre Attack

You can trigger a sabre attack at any time during the game, and the cave dweller standing at the side of the board will jump on top of the reel. The cave dweller will stomp on the board hoping that the board will crush the sabre-toothed tiger. These attacks allow you to win more credits, and you can keep them going by hitting the paylines. You get free spins from the sabre attacks, and you will enjoy watching the cave dweller suddenly jump on top of the board.

#11: The Diamond Bonus

The diamond bonus is triggered when you hit a payline of all diamonds. This diamond bonus makes each new spin jump in value unless the bonus period is over. You will earn many more credits from the diamond bonus, and the bonus lasts longer when you are winning more. You may leverage this bonus round to get even more credits that will allow you to play the game longer. This part of the game gives you the opportunity to play all day if you gain enough credits.

2 Million BC is a wonderful and free slots game you can play online. The game starts as soon as you go to the website, and you are met with fun graphics that plunge you into the middle of the jungle. The cave dwellers come out to greet you, and they allow you to play their game. It appears as though the cave dwellers built this game with their own hands, and they allow you to play it with your credits.

Use the stones at the bottom of the screen to control the game, and ensure that you are playing proper bets on the proper paylines. Your cave dwellers will hide from the tiger when it attacks, and you can start a bonus round with all the diamonds scattered on the board.