For several years now, The talk of possible “skill-based” slot machines introducing themselves to the casino world has been a mere speculation. However, in a turn of recent events, it turns out that the likelihood of slot machines getting a new age makeover is becoming closer to reality.

These recent changes have been set in motion with the signing of a bill(senate 9) By Governor Brian Sandoval of Las Vegas, Nevada. The bill gives gaming regulators permission to enforce the innovative changes needed to pave way for skilled-based slot machines. Although a step in the right direction, the process of skill-based slot machines making their debut anytime soon is not to be expected.

The approved bill is only one step toward the revolutionary movement for modernizing slot machines, which would begin in the in Las Vegas, Nevada area. Nonetheless, the mission will require many test dummies and technological developments, as well as changes in casino provisions.

Skill-based slot machines are a game-style approach to traditional slot machines, offering gamblers a chance to win based upon some skill, or acquired technique(s). This vision has been a pressing subject for casinos, due to the decrease in interaction with land (on-site) casinos. The limited activity in casinos is largely a result of the technological advancements in new age technology, which enables gamblers to participate in interactive mobile gambling platforms virtually.

Casinos have paid quite a price due to such technological advances, and now seeks to capitalize off of the modern technology, as opposed to falling behind in times. The vision is to incorporate such resources into the new skill-based slot machines. Such changes will not only update casinos, but assist in targeting a younger market, as well as encourage the new generation of gamblers who may desire more control over their slot gaming.

The need for skill-based slot machines is a notion derived from the steady increase of popular video games and apps, social network, and e-commerce interactive features. Such media content is already out to use on mobile interactive sports wagering platforms on the web, and casinos want to utilize such features by combining those functions in with the skill-based slot machines. Skill-based slot machines will also contain full out instructions, and complex gaming rhetoric that will guide gamblers into this new technology.

Although the need for slot machines to update to skill-based ones are more imminent and closer to becoming effective, casinos aim to integrate arcade (video-game) themes into traditional slot machines, as opposed to completely alienating the elder generation of traditional slot machine lovers. The pressure is on for gaming officials and business affiliates to come up with a design for slot machines that merges a formidable balance between a design containing skill-based components, and the standard slot machine in that will maintain familiarity, and be comfortable for traditional gamblers.

The real challenge to this quest is to engage a more new generation market of gamblers, yet not loose the veterans in the process… The conclusion will more than likely result in casinos offering some form of “hybrid” slot machine as a solution, which is rumored to be in deliberation. There is also a growing pressure that emphasizes the need for standard slot machines to remain, while they are simply updated to contain skill-based components. Either way, casinos are not certain about eradicating the traditional slot machines components entirely.

Taking into consideration all of the challenges ahead, gaming regulators and officials are still optimistic about introducing skill-based slot machines to the market by the end of 2015, however more realistic expectations point toward mid 2016. The Gaming Board is now in preparation to release demo models of the prospect slot machines to be displayed at the Global gaming Expo In Nevada at the end of this month (September 2015).

Due to guidelines and casino provisions/regulations having to be established, the wait will not just be based solely upon which models will be selected to included into casinos, but is largely in part of careful ground rules that will legally back the skill based slot machines, and enable them to be operable by law.

Once the approval is given for these skill-based slot machines to be set up in casinos, it will definitely have a huge impact on the demographics of gamblers showing up into casinos. A huge benefit of skill-based slot machines coming to on-site/on-land casinos will be the need for advertising. Such advertising will drastically shape the image of casinos everywhere, especially where there are character/gaming themes applied to the slot machines, making it overall more commercialized and appealing to the 21-25 generation that is currently difficult for casinos to target.

Once such provisions have been established, skill-based slot machines will be on their way to be released in casinos in Nevada for an official test run. The next step in casinos becoming more advanced all depends on how popular skill-based slot machines turn out to become. If the skill-based slot machines are proven successful, it is only a matter of time before the rest of casinos follow suit.