Can I deposit without a credit card in an online casino?

Finding the right source of fund to start playing online casino games is almost always one of the obstacles new players face. At this point, there are many likely sources of fund other than credit cards that are evident on the web, but there are some additional convenient sources of fund as well.

Credit Cards for Online Casinos

Without a previous track record or credit history, securing credit cards may be difficult. For those who already have one, here is a bad news. Banks have been issued notice from federal asking them to prevent customers from using credits card for online gambling purpose. This means, players cannot get money into or out of their casino accounts through credit cards. It can’t be done, period. No matter how much you try to impress these banks, chances are they will always decline any transaction involving gambling. In some cases, and in some countries, credit card companies will make you pay a hefty amount which will make you think twice before using the card again. And if you are in the US, your option to making deposits and withdrawals through credit cards is non-existent.

Here is an overview of the additional financing available to you. For a more detailed and specific information, it is strongly suggested to review the material on the particular casino you are interested in. The below brief overview of the basic types of funding may be helpful for you to understand which option might be the most attractive and affordable to your particular financial situation.

eWallets for Online Casinos

These are like your own pocket/purse where you can hold money and spend it as you need on the way. eWallets are available in various names and sizes and one of the popular ways to use online for casino games. They don’t carry huge fees and are convenient to use as well. This means borrowing money that is to be paid for games at your set time and date. Here you are linking your real bank account to your eWallet to access your own money. The bank does not impose transaction fees if it is from checking account and your obligations are limited to repay the transferred money. Just enter the information about yourself and your bank account and your eWallet is ready to use. However, note that not all countries allow electronic wallet feature with online casinos.

Instant Check or e-Check

If you are new to casino games, then look to instant checks as a funding source. In many casinos, this mode of payment is the only source of funding an account. Instant check describes an exchange of money from your bank account directly to your casino account. Just type your bank account on the casino website and transfer the needed fund instantly. The money is transferred as though it is coming from a check, hence the name eCheck. Remember not to provide bank information to casinos that are not widely known or are offshore. This type of fund source provides great opportunities and is suitable for gamblers who don’t own credit cards. Some banks don’t allow or encourage customers to use eChecks. However, the good news is, although it is illegal for banks to permit eCheck transfers, you will not run into problems with government, only the bank will. Financing through eChecks frequently may increase your ability to raise more money in the future.

If you have too much transactions and the bank classifies them as gambling, your future transfer requests may be denied. You may be unable to weather unanticipated account closure due to this. To avoid this from happening, your online casino website will use intermediate or third-party vendor to collect the fund. This way the bank will not know where the money is used and you can play games without having to worry about frequent notifications.

Western Union or Other Money Transfer Website

Western Union is another way to fund your casino account. Once your games have been going successfully for a while, depending too much on conventional funding methods means that you are not taking advantage of the offers available through Western Union. Your casino that accepts Western Union will consider picking the tab that comes in the form of transaction fee. This means, every time you are charged a transaction fee for a certain amount, your casino will refund it in the form of cash or bonus games and points. On the other hand, depositing less than the minimum will not earn you a refund. Some casinos will also consider offering deep discounts if you are using this payment type. Depending on your casino profile and particular requirements of the casino, Western Union will be a better fit than others.

Casino players tend to shy away from Western Union because they believe the risks of being hacked by offshore parties are too high. This is not the case if you know what security measures your casino has taken to safeguard your personal information. You can trust casinos as long as they are widely known and trusted. Know that a trusted casino won’t accept Western Union as vendor unless it has a solid track record of serving its previous and current customers.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are much like credit cards and debit cards except that you don’t need a credit history to buy them or the bank won’t come after you for suspicious transactions. Here you load the card with a specific amount of money at the time of purchase. There is no spending limit unlike credit cards. The cost of loading a prepaid card will vary from stores to stores. Some stores offer this service for free. For many gamblers, buying a prepaid card can make the difference in getting the money they need to start playing. Through prepaid cards, you are free to use any amount for your games that banks would otherwise turn down. Prepaid cards is the most preferred way of payment in countries where credit cards are not allowed. In addition, these cards are the legal way around restrictions imposed on credit card usage. There are no eligibility requirements, no one to control how much you spend online and no authorities to hold you responsible for breaking the law. Just load the card and you are ready to go.

Finally, there are some other avenues of creative funding available to casino players that are beyond the scope of this article. Depending on those options’ unique profile and features, they may prove to be more beneficial than using any of the above mentioned means of funding your casino account.