Who is Eligible for a No Deposit Bonus in an online casino?

Welcome to the world of online gambling. With the rapid increase in internet users and technology for casinos, players are now able to compete with other players at local and international level. And the numbers back it up. Today there are millions of gamblers as at no other time in the history of casinos. When it comes to online casino games, opportunities are abound. But these opportunities are only handed to eligible players. Gaining a foothold in the casino world can be difficult for a new player. Still there are many, many success stories, and they all share great qualities. When using online casinos, the chances for winning is big and there is always time for a second chance.

Today, there are a number of incentives that casino websites offer. These range from free games to bonus points and early cash-out. There is also called “no deposit bonus”. No deposit bonus is nothing but a free sum of credits that are awarded to new players when they sign up for the first time. Most online casinos offer this award in the form of bonus or other means. No deposit bonus is unique in the sense, players are allowed to play without paying upfront cost.

If you are a new player, why should you turn to online casinos that offer no deposit bonus? Because you are saving a lot of money here. Not just 1 or 2 but thousands of dollars in bonus. A caution though - this information is current as of date. But remember, things may change. Casinos may stop this offer in the future. So, as you begin your experience with gambling, keep abreast of the latest trends. Take a look at the interactive information offered to assist online casino users like you. While online, you can also ask questions about new rules as casino websites always look for potential customers.

So why would any online casino give away free money or forfeit a huge deposit? There are many reasons for this, one being - to attract new players. Secondly, casinos on the internet are huge and competition is brutal. Promotions such as no deposit bonus is a great way to attract people and make the website appealing to them. Third, most online casinos if they are just starting out in this business, charge a small amount as deposit. Forfeiting it is no big deal to them because players bring a lot of revenue in the end. The free credits given to new players may average at most $10, which is a small price to pay given the nature of this business. In addition, most players will learn to enjoy the excitement that a online casino will bring, so they are most likely to be come loyal customers as well. Free credit only adds a cherry on top. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both the player and the casino owner.

Location Criteria

With these information in mind, let us move on to eligibility criteria for obtaining a no deposit bonus. As you have seen, online casinos have rules and regulations in fine print and these include things about who can and cannot take advantage of bonus offers as well. As an instance, an online casino in Denmark may not allow residents of other countries to take advantage of this offer. Similarly, other casinos may deem only outsiders as eligible for this payout. In essence, rules for eligibility depend on what the casino wants to achieve and its perspective. It is also a way to avoid overt abuse of bonus from certain players.

Age Matters

Most casinos are not strongly motivated by young players. The players have to meet age qualifications in order to sign up let alone avail no deposit bonus. This means unless you are 18 years of age which is adulthood in most countries, forget about the thrill of winning 5 million jackpot. Most casinos focus on the age requirement due to government rules as well. If you are below the minimum age, you can move right on to any other games that don’t involve gambling for real money.

Number of Players

Additionally, some casinos allow only one person per household to claim this bonus. That means, only one person in a household is eligible to play or claim the no deposit bonus. This requirement is verified usually through home or business address. Having multiple accounts in the same person’s name is strictly forbidden.

Real People

Regardless of your intention to play online casino games, if you do not meet the above requirements, it is unlikely you will be allowed to play. There are two distinctly different information you will have to enter while signing up for a few casinos. Each requires verification. One is your social security number and the other is your driving license. On the one hand, you cannot lie on both. This information is needed whether or not you are an expert in games. On the other hand, you also have to deal with any false information given as these data will be scrutinized thoroughly by casino software in a secure way. Be particularly careful not to falsify them because every casino has some sort of verification method in place.

Account Holders

A few casinos may also require that you hold a legitimate bank account, even if you have signed up for getting no deposit bonus. Casinos are all about dealing with real players. If you don’t think you can furnish the information asked, simply do not sign up. However, without some solid funding source, you are probably not going to be able to deposit or withdraw any money in the future. Your casino will want to know about your ability to pay, in the same field you are hoping to make some serious money. If you lack a bank account or any other form of payment account, you become ineligible to avail the subject of this discussion.

Although these requirements are important to any player especially to one just starting, not every casino player has had every one of the desired eligibility. So there is hope for those who don’t possess everything the casino demands. There are other factors involved that don’t relate to personal information, and those factors can also have an impact on whether you are allowed to receive bonus or not. Except for age, any other requirement can be met by simply partnering up with someone whose eligibility set complementing yours. Most people partner up with family members or friends. Once you have a suitable partner, make sure there is a good match in terms of payout sharing as well.