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PaiGow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is an exciting and fun casino game that includes elements of a classic Chinese game as well as elements of poker. Pai Gow is a Chinese game that has been played in China for years. This game involves dominoes and is an extremely popular way to gamble in China.
Pai Gow Poker adapts the game of Pai Gow into a version of poker that all can enjoy. The game swaps out dominoes for a deck of cards. The game requires seven players, including the dealer. The object of this game is to defeat the dealer. This is one of many excellent casino games that you can play against dealer.
The rules to this game are fairly simple and easy to follow, once you know what you are doing.

The game starts with a 52 card deck plus one joker card. Players start the game by placing their bets. After bets have been placed the dealers deals seven cards to each player. Once each player has had time to look at their cards the players then must sort the card. Players must split their seven card hand into two sets. One set will be a pair of cards and the other set will be a five card hand. This sounds simple, but the rules get a little bit more complicated. Because of the two hands this game is sometimes known as double-hand poker. Once you learn the rules of Pai Gow Poker you are sure to enjoy playing this excellent game in the casino.

The pair of cards must not have a higher value than the five card hand or a penalty will be incurred. The two card hand must be composed of either a pair or high cards. The rules on the two card hand are extremely complex and add some degree of difficulty of the game.

The five card hand is played very similarly to poker. The Joker adds some complexity to this part of the game. The Joker can be used to complete either a flush or a straight, but in any other hand it is just an Ace. Depending on what casino you are at the highest straight may be a ten through an ace, but some casinos treat an ace through a five as the highest straight. There are some casinos that treat the Joker as a wild at all times. In those casinos the Joker is wild in both the five and the two card hand, but in most casinos the Joker is an Ace when it is in a two card hand. Before you start your game of Pai Gow poker, make sure you know what the rules for Jokers are in the game.

Regardless of the rules at whatever casino you are at, winning the game is fairly simple. In order to win at Pai Gow poker, you must beat both the dealers hands in order to win the bet. If you tie the dealer, your bet is returned to you and the game continues. If the dealer beats your hands, then the dealer wins and you lose your bet. If you lose a game and you tie the other game, then the banker wins. This game gives ties to the dealer, so any situation in which you tie the dealer will allow the dealer to win and the house will get your bet.

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Betting in this game is an extremely interesting process. Generally you can bet in similar denominations to that of regular poker. In some casinos there is a minimum fee of five cents per hand that must be paid regardless of whether you win or lose. This fee for playing the game can make the game appear quite expensive, because you don’t get any benefit from this fee. There are other casinos in which you pay a commission on every hand. Typically there is a commission of 5% on every win. This method of making money for the casino may appear cheaper, because you only pay if you win, but in the end this version of the game is not that much cheaper. These fees are meant to ensure that the casino makes money, because Pai Gow Poker has an extremely favorable odds for the player. Because of this the casino has to make money somehow and often they make money by charging fees on winning. While Pai Gow does have some favorable odds, there are ways for the casino to make money during the game.

Pai Gow Poker is a slow and low-risk game that comes in a wide variety of options. There is the common table variety that can be found at many casinos. There is also Pai Gow Mania, Fortune Pai Gow, and Emperor’s Challenge. Pai Gow Mania was one of the first variation of the game to be created. This version of the game allowed for two side bets. This added some complexity to the game that many gamblers appreciated. Fortune Pai Gow is a notable Pai Gow Poker variant. This version allowed the player to make a side bet that they would have at least a three of a kind in their hand. This was an extremely popular variant and allows students to win a great deal of money during their game. Emperors challenge changed the game of Pai Gow considerably. This version allowed players to bet on their seven card hand as well. This meant that the player was beating not only that their pair and their five card hand could beat the dealers, but also that their entire hand was better. The latest variation of the game is Pai Gow progressive. This version of the game capitalizes on the current popularity of progressive jackpots. This version accumulates all of the side bets that are placed by players into a pot until someone won the jackpot. This This game has been changed up in many different ways in order to appeal to a wide variety of people.

Pai Gow poker is growing in popularity across the world. Many players have fallen in love with Pai Gow Poker because it is extremely complex and requires players to consider all of the possibilities. Players are learning to adapt to the complexity of the game and are searching for a way to play this game.
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Pai gow poker is an excellent game that combines elements of an ancient Chinese game with one of the most popular casino games in the world. If you want a new type of game, then you definitely need to try paigow poker today. It is an extremely enjoyable game that you will definitely enjoy playing.