Ready to Bet and Win? Play Pai Gow Like a Pro

Pai Gow is a betting game that can be easily played online or in real life. It is based on a Chinese domino game that is similar to poker, but without the cards. However, it has evolved into an actual card game where the stakes remain low enough for beginners to enjoy. Thanks to its slow profession, the game is popular with people who like low risk betting. It is an easy game to learn, but it does take some skill to win big every play. Each player bets against the house and each other for the best hand. Thus, this is an entertaining game that people love to play all over the world.

Understanding Pai Gow Strategy

There are several ways to win and play Pai Gow. You have to adjust your skills to suit the current play, but it is easy to learn once you get on the move. The various strategies can suit one of the following situations: dealer, banker, or single. Each one is tailored to fit the game you are playing depending on your current status. The exception to this rule is single strategy play that can be applied to any point of the game. It does give the house a slight edge when the dealer is banking, but it is not enough to keep you from applying it throughout the game.

Strategy Examples to Play During Pai Gow

There are multiple ways to play depending on the cards in your hand. For example, if you have a three of a kind and two pair, then you should always play the high pair of the lowest hand. However, if you only have one pair, then play it with the low hand during the set. This gives you the best chance at winning against the others. On the other hand, if you find yourself without a pair and you do not want to fold, then play the second and highest cards in the low hand. This will give your cards at least a fighting chance.

Your best chance to win is to learn the different hands first. An educated player is the best one to be because you know how the game is played. Those who do not know the lingo or various face card possibilities miss out on big wins because they do not know better. Never be ignorant when it comes to betting with your money. You need to play to win!

As you can see, this game is fairly simple to learn. The tricky part comes to understanding when to apply which strategy to better your chances at winning the round. The only thing that you can do is practice and learn from experience. Study the different strategies and begin using them as you play. If you notice a difference in the amount you win, then they are definitely working. However, if you think you are losing more, then you might want to reconsider studying the strategies.