The game Pai Gow is a poker game. It is based off an ancient Chinese dominos game. This game is played by two to seven people at a time. Playing Pai Gow is simple and fun once a person knows the rules and the wild cards. If people having a friendly betting game they can win so money playing this poker game.
In Pai Gow the joker is used as a wild car. The joker can only be used in combination with certain cards which are the ace, as a card to help complete a straight, help to compete a straight flush.

For each hand a player is given seven cards by a realer. The players have to divide these cards into two separate hands. One hand will have two cards the other hand they hold will have five cards. The five card hand uses the same card values of the traditional game of poker. This is one difference. A person has have a straight with the ace, 2 ,3,4,5 and this is the second highest straight that a person can hold. If a person has a hand with five aces this hand will bet even a straight flush. For the hand with two cards the goal is to beat get a high pair. A person should also aim to have the highest value cards in that hand. There are no other possible combinations with the hand with two cards.

There are certain rules to dividing the cards into these two hands. The five card hand has to contain the highest card values that a person was dealt. Player cannot hint about the cards that they are holding during the game play. The two card hand is placed face down. When all players are ready to precede the dealer shows all of their seven cards. The dealer then divides these cards into a five card hand and a two card hand just like the players.

Once the dealer is finished players show both of their hands. The players compare both hands against the hands that the dealer presented. If the player has both hands that are higher than the dealer they win the best. If one hand is high the dealer wins ones and the player wins on. They basically get the money that they bet back. If the dealer wins both hands the player looses their money. If there is a tie the dealer wins. While the dealer has the advantage when it comes to winning the players have the advantage when it comes to betting before the cards are shown. A person hope they get at least a 10 in order to bet out other players for a winning hand.
While this game is Chinese is origin is has been seen in the United States and other parts of the world.

Casinos in Las Vegas have tables that are specially used for Pai Gow card games. Like with other forms of poker this game requires both luck and skill to win.