Although a ton of people enjoy gambling on all sorts of things, there is no question that there is a small percentage of the people who gamble who become addicted. Addiction to gambling is no joke and can absolutely destroy a persons life, as has happened to so many people in the past that could not stop once they started. Over the last several years, the online gambling community has absolutely exploded, which has provided an alley way for these problem gamblers to get easier access than ever, which can create a real struggle for these people. In the past, as long as a person that was a problem gambler stayed away from the casinos, particularly avoiding areas such as the state of Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, they were all right for the most part. However, anyone can get online these days, join an online gambling site and make a deposit within a few minutes. To make matters worse, fantasy sports leagues are absolutely exploding as well, bringing in a whole new wave of potential problem gamblers, who were merely sports fans in the past.

Due to the widespread availability of online casinos and such easy access, there has been a lot of concern for these individuals, as there is little stopping them from gambling everything they own away. However, there has been recent development of programs that can analyze the way that a person gambles online and can take track of their gambling habits. This is used to spot potential problem gamblers well ahead of time and the basis of the design is very intelligent. Just as if you would want to detect an early disease that is developing in your body, or detecting a drug and alcohol problem before it gets totally out of hand, the system BetBuddy aims at stopping the problem before it actually becomes a problem.

The way that the system works is pretty basic, but can shed a ton of light on a gamblers future. The system basically tracks millions of online gamblers to develop insight into the patterns that problem gamblers take. Just about every addiction there is involves a slow but steady ramp up, which is very detectable. For instance, an alcoholic does not all of a sudden become an alcoholic. They almost always end up starting to drink at parties or when they go out with friends. Then they may pick up some beer or wine one or two days during the week, and before you know it, they are going home and getting absolutely obliterated every single night. Gambling works the same way, except gambling has the added factor that when a person loses, they are entranced by trying to win the money back, as they do not want to go down on the day.

Catching this type of behavior early is very easy to detect and BetBuddy’s system is likely to save a lot of people from going to far with their gambling habits and losing everything. Various casinos in the past have tried different resources to get people to stop gambling if it appears that they have a problem, which was really based on the same principles. If a person or an account seemed to be gambling too much, or following a negative gambling pattern based on obsession, the online casino would go ahead and ban the account, or simply suspend the person for a period of time. However, this does not really work anymore, based on the sole fact that there are so many online casinos out there, that a person could simply open up a new account on a new website and dig right back into their gambling addiction, literally within a matter of minutes.

A ton of people start out gambling for fun and as stated before, they slowly start to ramp up how much they partake, eventually finding that they are in way over their heads. Addiction is something that does not go away for most people, most of the time for the entirety of their lives, which is why there are so many organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonynous that help people to deal with their addictions and work to over come them. The terrible thing is the fact that most of these people did not realize that they were playing with fire and only realized that they were in for a big problem, well after the addiction had already set in. The goal of these types of programs are to let these people that are gambling too much know ahead of time that the gambling patters that they are engaging in are risky and have a high propensity to lead to addiction, as well as to provide these people with tools to help with their building addiction.

Many people can switch things around and stop gambling completely, or any type of addiction for that matter, if it is caught ahead of time. However, the biggest problem with online gambling is the fact that it is huge and it flat out is not going anywhere. In fact, the online gambling world is only going to expand, meaning there is limitless opportunity for problem gamblers to slip up. This is why it is so important to catch these things as early as possible, but in reality, it all comes down to the decisions that the individual makes. The goal of BetBuddy is to simply let these people know that they are headed down a dark road that they do not want to go down, but in the end, they are going to have to make their own minds up on whether they want to continue to gamble or to stop altogether.