After casinos from across Atlantic City posted their earnings for the previous year, it was found that they actually increased their revenue for the first time in over a decade. While there could be a variety of factors that helped to increase gambling profits in Atlantic City, one of the biggest influences is clearly online gambling. Since a law was passed several years ago that legalized online gambling in the state of New Jersey, as well as in the states of Delaware and Nevada, there has been a significant increase in business for New Jersey-based casinos and hotels. In particular, the Borgata was able to dramatically increase its revenue by becoming a coveted destination for gamblers on the Internet.

Casinos Benefit from Online Functionality

While the Borgata is perhaps the best known for its digital successes, there are plenty of other casinos in Atlantic City that have worked just as hard to build an online audience. This year, both the Golden Nugget and Tropicano Casino and Resort were able to report increased earnings thanks to their online efforts.

Of course, much of this was predicted when the initial push for such legislation was proposed. For many Americans, being barred from gambling online seems like a strange idea, especially for a country that regularly espouses the merits of individual freedom. Luckily, as online gambling becomes increasingly accepted across the country, it appears that similar laws will begin popping up elsewhere as well. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t actually any specific law that prohibits online gambling at the federal level. Instead, it’s simply something that is left up to the individual will of each state. It’s for this reason that online gambling has been able to make progress in areas that are otherwise known for their gambling events, such as Nevada and New Jersey.

Aside from providing people with an easy route to getting their gaming fix, online casinos also provide other benefits. For those who regularly use digital currencies, an online casino can serve as an easy way to transition from one currency type to another, while still having a relaxing and enjoyable time. Of course, online casinos are also of particular value to those who otherwise can’t leave their house, or are simply too far away from the nearest casino. Just because someone doesn’t live in an area populated by casinos doesn’t mean they should be closed off from gambling events.

Digital Casinos are Saving Atlantic City

Before Atlantic City embraced digital gambling, there were serious concerns about the longevity of the city’s economic climate. The city itself was slowly dying as tourists started moving away from the area in search of places that better catered to their tastes. When New Jersey finally passed legislation allowing people to gamble online though, it allowed the city to take full advantage of the new opportunity. Clearly, from the results posted both this year and the one before that, this opportunity will likely pay off well into the future.

For comparison, several of Atlantic City’s top performing casinos saw a nearly 10% improvement in their numbers from December of this year over the December from 2015. That kind of jump is not just good news for the larger casinos, but the smaller ones as well. It’s difficult to build up that kind of audience from an existing user-base, which means a decent portion of online gamblers are those who otherwise haven’t stepped foot in a casino. As with other industries, brand exposure is always important. When people take part in gambling online, they’re more likely to try out in real life as well when the opportunity presents itself.

Given the research that has already been conducted into the matter, it would appear that many people are using their experiences from the Internet to pursue them in real life by visiting places like Atlantic City directly.

The Future

What does this mean for the future of Atlantic City? As long as the city, and the state of New Jersey, continue to embrace new technology as it develops, then it’s clear that they will always have an audience that is eager to play some games and have fun.