Online casinos have brought much fun closer to players, right at the comfort of their homes, and software providers have made this happen. There are several software makers that have made it possible for players to access online gaming including Playtech and Microgaming gaming software developers. Important to note however are the limited structures of classic slots that limit the possibility of bonus games. Nonetheless, the aforementioned software providers have worked hard to mitigate this problem and as a result they have developed a three reel slots that comes with bonus games. Below is a full review of the game slots that Microgaming online casino provides.

There are four classic slots games that Microgaming online casino provides that activates the bonus game. They include the bull’s eye, the lucky charmer, the sizzling scorpion, and the wheel of wealth. The bull’s eye is the favorite of many online gamers and it has become very popular among online gamblers. The game is meant to celebrate and perpetuate the dart culture that has been alive for many years now winning favor from mostly the older generation. The game involves the player as the main symbol and the awards that goes along with it amounts to 5,000 coins. This however happens only when the three darts player icon settles on the distinct payline attracting a three coins bet.

At this point, the dart board is divided into three different chambers and each of these chambers is assigned a multiplier. When the wheel rotates and rests on the pointer, the multiplier is then assigned to the player’s bet and their prize is the ensuing outcome. Then there is the lucky charm which can only be best described as a street show. The game involves a snake charmer playing the flute to a cobra in the basket to make it move to the tunes. The game is a single payline slot game just like the Bull’s Eye. The game attracts a jackpot payout of 5,000 coins as in the bull’s eye game every time the symbol is on the three reels and off course on a three coins bet. There is the gold and the green cobra which both when achieved activate the bonus game.

The third game is the sizzling scorpion which brings a live scorpion in the desert of Arizona to a reality. The game also attracts a 5,000 coins jackpot as an award for a three coin bet. In the sizzling scorpion game, the bonus game is activated when the symbol appears. At this point, the players are required to choose among the three scorpions that appear which are named sting, striker, and venom. When the player has a preferred scorpion, the race begins across the desert and the bonus rewards are depended on the position of the player’s chosen scorpion in the race. Depending on the position of the chosen scorpion, the awards are given in a descending order from the first to the last position. If the player’s scorpion comes first in the race the award is 100 coins.

The second and the third positions are awarded 50 coins and 30 coins respectively. Lastly there is the wheel of wealth which is also a favorite of many online gamers. In this game, the process of betting is slightly different form the rest. With the wheel of wealth, the payer is only required to bet with only 2 coins and this enables him or her to gain the maximum paybacks from the game. To activate the bonus game on the wheel of wealth, the symbol has to be displayed on the third reed with the two coin bet. This automatically sets the bonus game on and it has a maximum award of more coins than the rest of the games. Matter of fact, a player gets to earn 1000 coins jackpot award which is a double the possible award in the three aforementioned games.

Considering the experiences of online gaming and the opportunities that the gaming industry has brought online and he ease of access, Microgaming is a leading player in the industry. The company is one of the leading gaming software provider in the world having more than 500 titles to its name. When it comes to online gambling experience, Microgaming is the company to beat. The company came into the limelight in the 90s and it has maintained an upper hand in the industry since the online casino gaming was introduced. Surprisingly, Microgaming has been able to remain at the top of the game for years now leading the industry and being the market trend setter. Due to its leadership skills and market superiority, the company has been consulted on several regulatory issues in the online gaming industry. As a result, the company played a major role in the formation of the eCORGRA.

eCORGRA is an organization that regulates the industry and promotes good practices in the online gaming industry by protecting the players. This organization was created to ensure that players’ money and personal data are protected and safe. Microgaming has always committed its slots to the latest and most ambitious innovations. The company is actually a pace setter and among the several innovations that it has brought to test, most of them have become hits in the online gaming industry. The company has maintained an ambitious strategy of releasing 5 new gaming innovations in every month in a bid to remain relevant in a highly competitive market.